Winter Wonderland in the ‘Burg


Heather Stewart

Students from CWU often visit Leavenworth as a weekend getaway during Fall and Winter quarters. There is lots of fun shopping and eating opportunities that differ from those in Ellensburg.

Wyatt Simmons, Staff Reporter

As Ellensburg continues to get colder and the air continues to become more crisp, there is a new set of activities for students and the people of Kittitas County to take part in.

With snowboarding and skiing being popular within the student population, the Summit at Snoqualmie is a frequent place of travel when snow starts to fall.

Snoqualmie pass during the winter is, “one of the best times of the year,” Jade Remmen, senior geography major, said. “It makes you feel so alive riding down the slopes, with all the snow and people there wanting to ski, it’s always so much fun.”

Before skiing down the slopes of the Summit at Snoqualmie or any other slope in the northwest, finding the right gear is important.

As for the Summit at Snoqualmie, new-timer snowboarders and skiers, as well as those more comfortable are able to rent gear at the Summit’s rental site.

Brian Allen, snowsports manager at the Summit at Snoqualmie, said that the Summit offers, “all kinds of gear from boots, skis, and snowboards.” They offer a couple equipment rental packages that range from $160-$180. They also offers a variety of lessons including private and groups sessions that cater to beginners and the more experienced.

Another popular event is the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival. This annual event takes place every weekend starting on Nov 30 through Dec 16. Attendees can expect a variety of activities including listening to carols, sledding, visiting costumed Christmas characters, shopping and much more. The event itself is free and fun for people of all ages.

With the sight of all the Christmas lights and the holiday season, it is enough to keep people coming back.

“It’s seriously beautiful when combine the beauty of the town of Leavenworth and all the Christmas lights,” Molly Snead, a senior psychology major, said. “I’ve been many times before and it takes your breath away every time.”

With the roads getting more icy as the winter season progresses, there will be buses available to take people to Leavenworth in multiple areas of Washington, including Ellensburg, with ticket prices starting at $65.

For the travel during the winter months, the roads will not be in the best condition for traveling, which is why checking on the Washington State Department of Transportation website to see the conditions of the road is important.

With a lot of students driving over the pass for winter break, the website offers weather reports and video footage of the road to help students know if the pass is opened or closed.

As the weather continues to get colder, there will be restrictions due to the weather conditions, but for students who are fans of the winter months, these activities will help the Ellensburg community make the most of the winter season.