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Fall 2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Sean Bessette Editor-in-Chief See Sean Bessette’s profile
See Sean Bessette’s profile
Star Diavolikis News Editor See Star Diavolikis’s profile
See Star Diavolikis’s profile
Jared Galanti Sports Editor See Jared Galanti’s profile
See Jared Galanti’s profile
Libby Williams Scene Editor See Libby Williams’s profile
See Libby Williams’s profile
Addie Adkins Copy Desk Chief/Opinion Editor See Addie Adkins’s profile
See Addie Adkins’s profile
Meghan Salsbury Lead Graphic Designer See Meghan Salsbury’s profile
See Meghan Salsbury’s profile
Kate Caviezel Copy Desk Staff See Kate Caviezel’s profile
See Kate Caviezel’s profile
Katlyn White Copy Desk Staff See Katlyn White’s profile
See Katlyn White’s profile
Crystal Clausen Web & Social Media Manager See Crystal Clausen’s profile
See Crystal Clausen’s profile
Stephen Martin Staff Reporter See Stephen Martin’s profile
See Stephen Martin’s profile
Leah Shepherd Staff Reporter See Leah Shepherd’s profile
See Leah Shepherd’s profile
Isaiah Salevao Staff Reporter See Isaiah Salevao’s profile
See Isaiah Salevao’s profile
Andrew Prouse Staff Reporter See Andrew Prouse’s profile
See Andrew Prouse’s profile
Laynie Erickson Staff Reporter See Laynie Erickson’s profile
See Laynie Erickson’s profile
Chuck Dickson Staff Reporter See Chuck Dickson’s profile
See Chuck Dickson’s profile
Stephanie Davison Staff Reporter See Stephanie Davison’s profile
See Stephanie Davison’s profile
Danny Dang Staff Reporter See Danny Dang’s profile
See Danny Dang’s profile
Katherine Camarata Staff Reporter See Katherine Camarata’s profile
See Katherine Camarata’s profile
Jamie Bass Staff Reporter See Jamie Bass’s profile
See Jamie Bass’s profile
Joseph Stanger Staff Reporter See Joseph Stanger’s profile
See Joseph Stanger’s profile
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