International Education Week comes to CWU


Heather Stewart

(From left to right) Pablo Ruelas, Job Place and Claire Olney have fun with the world map in the SURC by marking places they have been. have lived, and would like to go.

Kejuan Coleman, Staff Reporter

Correction 11/16: The original story stated that the Global Thanksgiving was to be held at the Baptist Church Recreational area. It will be held at the Calvary Baptist Church at 5th and Pine.


The Office of International Studies and Programs will be hosting events for International Education Week Tuesday Nov. 13 through Saturday Nov. 17. The events will be in multiple locations around campus during the week.

“International Education Week is a countrywide celebration,” Program Coordinator for International Studies Anna Miller said. “Universities across the country will be participating in and celebrating the International Education Week and Global Connections.”

The events held during International Education Week will celebrate and educate members of the community, students and faculty about the diverse population and opportunities that are provided this year.

Jack Belcher
The Wildcat statue in front of the SURC has been decorated with flags in honor of International Education Week.

On Tuesday, the week starts off by highlighting all of the global clubs on campus. This gives students the opportunity to see how they can get involved with a more diverse group of students.

“Some people may not know that we have an African Student Club, Filipino American Student Association, Saudi Student Association. There’s a ton of really diverse groups on campus, so we’ll have them all tabling in the middle of the SURC from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,” Miller said. “The clubs will be there to share information about getting involved.”

The Culture Fair will be on Wednesday. The fair is a returning event here at CWU. Students from many different countries will have table displays in the middle SURC hallway representing and showcasing their countries.

According to Miller, there will be students from countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Argentina, Colombia and many other students from different countries around the world.

Thursday’s event will be the International Café which has been hosted by the Alumni Association for the last three years. The café will run from noon to 1 p.m. in SURC 137.

On Friday, there will be an International Trivia Night in SURC 137 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. All questions in the trivia will be globally themed with questions regarding regions around the world. There will be prizes provided for first, second and third place participants.

The Global Thanksgiving on Saturday will be the closing event for International Education Week. The event will occur from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Calvary Baptist Church at 5th and Pine. Everyone who is interested in participating in this event will meet in the SURC Pit and walk as a group to downtown Ellensburg. There will be food for all who want to participate in the Global Thanksgiving event.

“The Global Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to get the international students more connected with the community, and it’s also a great way for the community to see the diversity we have on campus,” Miller said.