Homecoming queen

Cristela Alonzo kicked off Homecoming weekend festivities on Friday evening in the SURC Ballroom


Heather Stewart

Cristela Alonzo cracks a joke about her bilingual experiences with “caucasian english”.

Jack Belcher, News Editor

The last few Homecoming week- ends, CWU has booked a comedian to perfrom stand up. In 2017, the university brought Nick Offerman, known best for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in the TV show “Parks and Recreation.”

The year before that, the university showed Brian Regan, a stand up com- ic known for his shows titled “Epitome of Hyperbole” and “Nunchucks and Flamethrowers.”

This year, Cristela Alonzo graced the stage of the SURC Ballroom. Alonzo is a Latina comedian best known for her ABC show “Cristela” and her perfor- mance as Cruz Ramirez in Pixar’s ani- mated film “Cars 3.”

Alonzo’s comedy focused on her life as a Latina and growing up poor. During her performance, Alonzo took advan- tage of the relatively small stage and auditorium by engaging the audience and performing visual comedy by rolling on the floor to drive home a joke.

Heather Stewart
There was no shortage of knee-slappers at Cristela Alonzo’s homecoming show.

The show was open to all people in the community, not just students and faculty.

Edgar Moreno and Daisy Perez came to Ellensburg from the Tri-Cities area to watch the show and take in the CWU campus.

Both of them were impressed with Alonzo’s show and are considering at- tending CWU in the future. “I am definitely going to be check- ing out her Netflix special,” Perez said. Alonzo’s Netflix special is titled “Lower Classy.”

CWU Associate Provost Dr. Gale Mackin attended the show and said she enjoyed being able to laugh. One of the more memorable mo- ments in the show was when Alonzo asked the audience what there was to do in Ellensburg on a Friday night. She was met with a silence from the audience, which told her everything she needed to know. During her laughter at the lack of response, an audience member yelled, “Cow tipping!”

“The cow tipping was awesome!” Mackin said laughing.

What stood out most to Mackin was the diversity of the crowd. When Alonzo had asked how many people in the crowd were Latino, about half the attendees raised their hands.

“It made me think a little about her perspective as Latina and students on campus,” Mackin said.