ASCWU offers chance to win $500 scholarship


ASCWU has an open public meeting in the SURC pit every Monday. From left to right: Leah Mobley, Jocelyn Matheny, Bailey Klinker, Edith Rojas, Kane LeMaster and Claire Anne-Grepo.

Nick Jahnke, Senior News Reporter

At the ASCWU public meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, Vice President of Student Life and Facilities Jocelyn Matheny announced that ASCWU had recently opened up a feasibility survey to students. The survey is meant to collect data regarding what students would like to see and be able to do if the SURC was expanded. She said that students who take the survey will be entered in a drawing for a $500 scholarship.

Matheny said that the feasibility survey comes from the feasibility committee, which consists of Matheny, ASCWU President Edith Rojas and staff from the SURC and Facilities. She said that no construction is going to happen for at least 3 to 5 years, but they are beginning to plan now and are working with Brailsford and Dunlavey INC., the same company who helped build the SURC.

According to Matheny, the feasibility survey went out to students Tuesday, Feb 26. She said the survey will be available for 10 days before it is closed down and the winner of the $500 scholarship is chosen.

Matheny also announced that ASCWU, together with university staff, are undergoing interviews with potential candidates for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position. Currently, Vice President of Operation Andreas Bohman still holds the position. Matheny said that the CIO oversees the activities of CWU’s information technology staff.

Vice President of Legislative Affairs Leah Mobley announced that applications for the student trustee position are now available. According to Matheny, students can apply online for a seat on the board of trustees. She said the student trustee has the same voting power as the rest of the board and can affect change.

ASCWU Executive Vice President Kane LeMasters said that ASCWU is working on a draft for the Top Cat scholarships. Matheny said that the scholarship is completely separate from all other CWU scholarships, and once the draft is complete, they will open the application to any student who wishes to apply. According to CWU’s website, the Top Cat award is for the overall achievements and hard work of students.

Rojas said that the applications for student government candidates are due on March 15. Mobley added that potential candidates should visit ASCWU board members that currently hold their position to make sure they know what they are getting into. Rojas also mentioned that they are beginning discussions on whether smoking should be banned throughout campus.

ASCWU also announced two candidates for student senators have been chosen, Macy Byron for aviation and Ben Hanson for psychology. Along with that, ASCWU recognized a new club: the music industry club.