Fitness classes at CWU now free with membership


Meghan Rochelle

Jacqueline Flaherty shows her high-kick skills during a Zumba class at the CWU Recreation Center.

Nick Jahnke, Staff Reporter

CWU’s Group X fitness classes are now included with a Recreation Center membership. Members of the Recreation Center may now participate in as many classes as they want with no added cost.

Fitness classes, located on the second floor of the Recreation Center, previously cost $3 per session and $45 for an unlimited pass. Now, they’re free.

Health Programming and Marketing Coordinator Claire Cox believes the barrier of cost was discouraging students from signing up for classes.

“We want people to be able to participate no matter what their financial status might be,” Cox said.

Cox explained that participation has been declining over the past five or six years, and that removing the cost factor might encourage more students and faculty to sign up for classes.

“Anytime we can do free programming for students, that’s a plus,” Cox said. She also said that with the cost of school, books and living, students have enough to pay for as it is.

Class attendance for the past two weeks has been incredibly high, according to Cox. Turnout has nearly doubled from past years and Cox believes they will keep the classes free permanently.

Members of CWU’s Recreation Center are excited about the change.

“It’s cool because now I’m open to try new classes,” senior Jacqueline Flaherty said as she waited for the Zumba class to begin.

“I think it’s amazing. College students are struggling as it is to pay for classes and this takes a lot off of us,” Deonte Smith, junior and Rec Center employee, said.

The Group X classes are taught by a mix of students and members of the community. According to Cox, a handful of the classes require an instructor with training certification, in which case the Rec Center seeks out local certified trainers.

Zumba instructor and CWU senior Madeline Roscoe encourages students and faculty to sign up and give the classes a try.

“A lot of people feel self-conscious. What I always say is: we’re all here to have fun, as long as you’re sweating and have a smile on your face, you’re doing it right,” Roscoe said.

For those interested in attending one of the Group X classes, signing up is as easy as visiting the group fitness tab on the CWU Recreation website. The site also offers the full class schedule for fall quarter, as well as descriptions of each style of class. Registration must be completed no less than 24 hours before the class starts.

Cox encourages recreation members to sign up for classes in advance, as classes have been filling up quickly. She also encourages students and faculty to give their input and to speak up about the kinds of classes they would like to see on the schedule.