Director of Global Wine Studies program leaving for industry opportunities in France

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BY Braden DenHerder
Staff Reporter

Every year the Central experience changes all across campus, from additions to cutbacks in school programs. This year, Central’s unique Global Wine Studies program has been reduced by one member.

At the end of the 20012-2013 school year, Amy Mumma, the director of the program, decided to resign from her job at Central.

“Our program usually has an average of about 20 students,” John  Hudelson, an assistance professor in Wine Studies. “Mumma always did a great job advertising the program and recruiting students.”

Mumma is currently pursuing industry opportunities in France.

Staff changes and program tweaking may mean big changes for the program.

“Amy created the program here at Central,” said Hudelson. “When you have somebody leave there is always some interruption but we are already looking into hiring someone new.”

In addition to staff changes there will also be changes to the classes offered through the Global Wine Studies program. Now students who are part of the Global Wine Studies program will be to take an advanced regions course.

“The new advanced regions course will focus on Eastern European wine studies,” said Hudelson.

Another unique aspect of the program is the opportunity for students to study abroad and travel to a world wine region in various countries. Right now several Central students are in France taking courses in wine studies, visiting vineyards and building relations with wine grape growers.

Hudelson still has high hopes for the Wine Studies program.

“We always hope more students will take an interest in the program,” said Hudelson. “We want them to walk away with knowledge of the world and wine.”

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Director of Global Wine Studies program leaving for industry opportunities in France