CWU makes movezilla progress into the summer

Susie Chavez, Staff Reporter

The campus-wide changes dubbed “Movezilla” began in February with Admissions moving from Mitchell Hall to Hebbler, but that was only the beginning. Since then, construction has stopped and started as other projects took priority.

Some offices’ relocation had to be put on hold because of the new parking lots that were added in front of Bouillon, which were opened up to students and staff earlier this summer.

When offices began to move, Human Resources moved from Bouillon to Mitchell Hall in the place of the Registrar office. Admin processors moved from Hebbler into Bouillon 203. ROTC is also in the process of moving to Lind Hall, the science building converted to house also the Communications department.

In mid-June, the Communications department moved from Bouillon to the lower floor of Lind Hall. CWU Army ROTC is also in the process of moving in upstairs. Lind Hall was known for the Geology department, but now the Geology department has moved to Science II building.

The hope for the move is to make things more efficient for both students and staff. All student service offices including Registrar, the cashier’s office, financial aid, testing and the connection card office will be moved into one building -Boullion by the end of the summer.

“When the entire student services are in Boullion, it will be really nice for students,” said Joey Thornton, who works in the Registrar office.

According to Sunny Bloxham, Director of Custodial, Grounds and Transportation Services, CWU wants to create a one stop shop for Student Services in Bouillon and have all the administration offices located in Barge Hall. In a sense, CWU wants to have everything centrally located and have everything more convenient for students.

“I think part of the purpose of Movezilla is because the university is expanding and the attendance growing,” Bloxham said. “Therefore with time, it will hopefully be easier for students to locate everything on campus.”

Movezilla is the largest personnel move in CWU history and will continue throughout the summer and into fall and will affect 175 offices on campus.