Discover Orientation expands to accommodate larger incoming class

Susie Chavez, Staff Reporter

For the past 10 years, CWU’s new student enrollment has risen every year. This year, the increase prompted University Housing to increase the number of orientation sessions.

During the summer, there would typically six orientation sessions to welcome incoming freshman and transfer students: four for first-year students and two for transfer students, but this year there will be an additional two first-year sessions. 

“The 2017 Discover Orientation is slightly larger than 2016’s,” said Edith Rojas, who has been an orientation leader for two years, “so there will be a ton of new faces around Central this fall.”

Orientation sessions not only keep orientation leaders busy during sessions but also drive business to other establishments around campus as well as local businesses around town.

“It’s been busy, in many cases, we are the first faces these future Wildcats will associate with Central so we really put ourselves out there to them,” said first-year orientation leader, Brennan Allen. “I am one of a few new leaders on this team, and I am leading new students when I was just in their place last year.”

Orientation has also helped the leaders build a community with one another as well as their students.

“Working with these amazing people has really opened my eyes to what they face and deal with as staff and new students,” Allen said.

For first year orientation leader Ryley Bruun, orientation has allowed him to make personal connections with the people he meets at orientation sessions, allowing him to provide emotional support.

“Being able to relate and connect with new CWU students is an amazing experience that warms my heart,” Bruun said.

He also enjoys “being able to reach out and be there for students becoming part of the campus community.”

At the end of the day, the experiences are extremely rewarding for these orientation leaders as well as the memories they get to take away from the experience.

“Being there for the beginning of their college is such a monumental feeling that rallies energy and passion into being who I am and what I believe Central is,” Bruun said.

Although this job is sometimes very stressful and tiring, especially mostly working outdoors in extreme weather, these orientation leaders wouldn’t give it up for the world.

“Orientation at Central is my favorite part of every summer since I’ve been a student here at Central,” Rojas said.

CWU Housing hires orientation leaders every summer and are always looking for CWU Wildcats who are energetic with a positive attitude. The application process begins toward the end of spring quarter beginning with submitting an online application.