CWU Police join students in game of archery tag


The field is ready for an evening game of archery tag.

Rune Torgersen, Online and Social Media Manager

CWU Recreation hosted a game of archery tag featuring the CWU Campus Police this evening at the recreation sports complex just north of campus. With about 50 students in attendance, matches were mostly 9-on-9 affairs, with the occasional 15-on-5 as students faced off against the police officers in attendance.

Adele Dorman, a junior studying law and justice, was part of a team that defeated the police’s crew. This came as no big shock to her, as said police officers were outnumbered three to one. Regardless, she had a blast at the event, and hopes to attend more like it in the future, she said.

The CWU police see this sort of event as an opportunity to communicate and interact with the student body, according to Sergeant Andy Bayne. He’s a CWU alumnus, and has worked with the CWU police for the last 13 years. In that time, he’s come to see engagement between students and the police as an important part of his work.

“Any opportunity that we can get to interact with our students outside of our workday is awesome,” Bayne said.

In the past, the CWU police have participated in events such as football, dodgeball and volleyball, according to Bayne. There haven’t been as many of these events recently, something he’s looking to change. The four officers in attendance not only worked up a sweat, but mingled with the audience during breaks.

“It was a good time though,” Bayne said. “This is a great opportunity for us to come out and meet students, a great opportunity for them to meet us, and a really fun opportunity to interact.”

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