Eastern Washington Prep Star Gets Big Chance

By Austin Bennett

One of Eastern Washington’s finest athletes, Joe Harris Jr. has been drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Harris will be accompanied by first round pick Andrew Wiggins and arguably the NBA’s best player, LeBron James.

“It’s been a dream come true and a wild few months for our family,” Harris’ mother, Alice Harris said.

Science Building Phase II

By Austin Bennett

“I see only good things for students and staff for the new science building,” Fernando Galven said.

Fernando is a 26 year old Administrative counselor and science recruiter from Yakima. He has been working at Central Washington University for 1 year and is new to the career field.

Central Shows on Pre-Season All-GNAC Football Team

By Austin Bennett

Beyond Sports Network

According to Beyond Sports Network, Central Washington football has five preseason All-GNAC players on the roster for this upcoming season. Including a first team All-American in Isaiah Davis.

The first team preseason all GNAC players are cornerbacks Isaiah Davis & Cedrique Chaney, running back Jordan Todd, wide receiver/kick returner Jesse Zalk and linebacker JB Torsy.

The Watershed Festival

By David Collins

Watershed Festival, a 3 day country music concert at The Gorge in George gets underway later today. The festival spans the weekend; August 1, 2 and 3.

This year, Watershed is headlined by Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum and Jake Owen.

The festival is sold out, and almost all of the camping accommodations have sold out as well.

“Watershed has gotten so big, it has grown every year. It’s crazy,” Whitney Smyth, Watershed attendee said.

“This year’s lineup is great, but most people go because it’s a good excuse to camp with friends. It’s like a giant outdoor party and people that don’t even like country music can enjoy it,” Smyth said.

Chestnut Construction Continues

By Forrest Hollingsworth

Many street corners on Chestnut St. are homes to these signs and construction cones.

Many street corners on Chestnut St. are homes to these signs and construction cones.

Construction is heavy on Chestnut Street right now and it appears it will be staying that way for a little while longer. The Ellensburg Public Works department, alongside hired consultants and contractors, is currently using money from a federal grant to get sidewalks and streets up to federal and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. The project started officially on July 14 and isn’t expected to be complete until after the Ellensburg Rodeo, Labor Day weekend.

Central Summer Athletic Camps

By David Collins

Central Washington University hosts a multitude of athletics camps during the summer. CWU offers boys & girls basketball, fastpitch softball, football, co-ed rugby, soccer and volleyball camps throughout the summer.

The university generates upwards of $700,000 a summer from these camps, with football camps producing a large portion of the revenue, according to CWU Director of Athletics Dennis Francois.

Jazz in the Valley on the Cheap 

By Jamie Wall

Enjoying Jazz in the Valley this weekend doesn’t have to cost you $40 for a wrist band plus food and drinks. You could just pay for Friday or Saturday events for as low as $15 or Sunday’s event for just $10 according to Larry Sharp, of Kittitas Visitor’s Center.

“We sell somewhere around 3,000 tickets for this weekend…a lot of people roaming around the streets,” Sharpe said.

CWU’s ROTC Program Struggles with Outdated Building

Peterson Hall is the home to Central ROTC.

Peterson Hall is the home to Central ROTC.

Cracks in the asphalt have led to some ROTC members to roll an ankle during drills.

Cracks in the asphalt have led to some ROTC members to roll an ankle during drills.

By Kyle Fenton

Peterson Hall, or the ROTC building, has been out dated and on the brink of being condemned since Lieutenant Colonel Scott Carpenter has been here at CWU.

It is ironic the lack of funding our ROTC program is getting when it comes to facilities, considering how the Wildcat Battalion ranks highly among other ROTC programs in the nation. The awards our program has won trump most other programs, and the Elite Cadets that CWU will put into active service are in dire need of better facilities.

Businesses Change Focus to Survive the Slow Summer

By Forrest Hollingsworth

According to Central Washington University’s Organizational Effectiveness Office, as of October 2013, eleven thousand students attended CWU. That’s not a small number, and it almost matches the most recent 2012 estimated Ellensburg population of 18,348 according to the United States Census Bureau. This makes Ellensburg, effectively, a college town and, college towns are reliant on students.

So, what happens when the majority of students leave during the summer season? Local businesses change course to make sure they can survive.