Physical books are far superior to ebooks


Megan’s bookshelf. Photo by Megan Rogers

Megan Rogers, Columnist

Readers are faced with one of the most complex decisions: to read a physical book or to read an ebook. Now, both probably have their pros and cons. But, I am here to tell you physical books are far superior to ebooks and as someone who owns over 100 books and a Kindle Paperwhite, I know I am a trustworthy source. 

Retain more information

One of the biggest reasons physical books are better is because you actually retain more information when you read a physical book versus reading from an ebook. 

According to a study published in The Guardian, researchers at Stavanger University, located in Norway, found “that readers using a Kindle were ‘significantly’ worse than paperback readers at recalling when events occurred in a mystery story.”

I would be devastated if I couldn’t remember the details of my favorite books. I mean, how else can I rant to my non-reading friends?

Better for your eyes 

Physical books are easier on the eyes than ebooks. According to Eden Prairie Eye Care, “Digital Eye Strain occurs when you spend too much time focusing on screens up close and is the leading cause of headaches and migraines.” 

After starings at a screen for a long time and trying to focus on small words, my eyes will start to hurt, and reading is no fun when you have a massive headache. So be kind to your brain and your eyes, and read a physical book. 

Your sleep will improve

I think we have all heard numerous times that going on an electronic before bed can negatively affect your sleep.  

According to the Two Sides, “A team from Harvard Medical School has found that it takes longer to fall asleep after reading from a light-emitting e-reader, compared to a printed book, leading to a poorer quality sleep and increased tiredness the following day.” 

I am a junior in college, I need my sleep!

Supporting local bookshops

I love independent bookshops so much (shout out to Invitation Bookshop located in Gig Harbor, Washington) and reading a physical book is the perfect chance to support your local independent bookshop. 

According to TCK Publishing “Studies have shown that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays within the local economy.” But when reading an ebook, there is no money that goes to the local economy. 

The aesthetic 

While this point may hold no scientific basis, I still think it is very valid. I think one of the coolest accessories a person can have in their house is a massive bookshelf filled with a variety of books.

It is my dream to have a massive library and I have already started my collection of both paperback and hardcover books. I could honestly scroll through pictures and videos of people’s bookshelves for hours. Now, this could never be done with ebooks. So go buy a physical book and start your own mini-library.