‘Not for Kids’

Warning labels now required for edibles


Elizabeth Weddle

Pot brownies (pictured here) and other edibles must now have “Not for Kids” labels to be sold at dispensaries in Washington.

Washington has taken further precautions to prevent children from eating marijuana edibles. Effective Feb. 14, all marijuana edibles have to be labeled with a “Not for Kids” warning logo.

Edibles include anything meant to be swallowed, such as candy, soda, or brownies.

This also applies to topicals, which are cannabis infused ointments, said Jena Eggelston, who works at The Fire House, an Ellensburg dispensary.

The logo has to be three-fourths inch by one-half inch in size and in clear view for the customer on the “principal display panel,” according to the Washington State Legislature.

The principal display panel is defined as the most prominent or visible area on the packaging. However, the logo can’t cover any other required information.

There are three different ways the logo can be placed on packaging, according to the Washington State Legislature.

The first is digitally: The producer can incorporate the logo into their standard packaging.

The second is to use stickers that the processors can put on the products.

Last, the dispensaries can use tape to place paper logos on products.

The only way the logo can be manipulated is for sizing purposes, according to the Washington State Legislature.

These new requirements could be in response to edible scares involving children. Since recreational pot sales began, the number of emergency calls involving children ingesting pot has increased, reports The Denver Post.

When pot sales began, incidents involving kids jumped from 9 to 16. The numbers are still low, but an almost 50 percent increase causes concern, The Denver Post reported.

Kittitas County also saw an increase in emergency calls involving kids ingesting weed edibles when cannabis was legalized. In 2014 and 2015, there were 11 calls combined. In 2016 there were 14.

Local Shops

The Green Shelf is one of the recreational dispensary in Ellensburg. They are letting the processors deal with application of the logo according to Noah Moore, a The Green Shelf employee. They aren’t carrying any stickers in the store.

Cannabis Central, another local dispensary, is putting stickers on current stock that doesn’t have a logo, said Kelly Rang, an employee. They were sent 400 stickers, but need 700 more to cover all the product in the store.

Rang said she isn’t sure why this wasn’t required from the very beginning of I-502.

“We’re all for it,” Rang said.

The Fire House currently doesn’t have real stickers but is using the paper logos and scotch tape, which can be tedious, Eggelston said.

Three brands shipped their products to The Fire House with the logo already on their packaging. Gaga Edibles and Ethos have digitally incorporated the logo into their packaging, while Winterlife has put official stickers on their packaging.

“They’re on top of their stuff,” Eggelston said.

Eggelston hopes they get official “Not for Kids” stickers by next month to speed up the process of getting them on the product.