By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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My top albums of 2023 (and why you should listen)


HENRY MOSTO ALBUM COVER Illustrations by Isaac Dobmeier
Desire, I Want To Turn Into You album art Illustrations by Isaac Dobmeier
April Mixtape 3 album Illustrations by Isaac Dobmeier
10000 gecs album art Illustrations by Isaac Dobmeier
SCARING THE HOES ALBUM ART Illustrations by Isaac Dobmeier

100 gecs – “10,000 gecs”

My number-one album of the year. Hyperpop pioneers 100 gecs reinvent themselves with their second album, taking the sound to new places with an endlessly fun series of tracks. Laura Les and Dylan Brady represent the internet age, and they wear this label proudly with wild lyrics (including a song all about a popular frog at a party) backed up by their signature electronic production. This is a 2023 must listen.

 Favorite song(s): “Dumbest Girl Alive,” “The Most Wanted Person In The United States”


Neither artist disappoints with their solo work and together their chemistry is visceral and electric. “SCARING THE HOES” has some of the most outlandish production and sampling I’ve ever heard and it all just works. The pair boast, analyze our modern political climate, and poke fun at the terminally online as they deliver an unforgettable listening experience. This hoe wasn’t scared! 

Favorite song: “Fentanyl Tester”

Snow Strippers – “April Mixtape 3”

The electro-pop duo slammed onto the scene with their best album so far and perhaps the best electronic project since Crystal Castles ran the genre over a decade ago. “April Mixtape 3” is chaotic and muddy in the best way, with layers upon layers of instrumentation below Tatiana Schwaninger’s ringing vocals. Snow strippers are trashy, they’re dancy, they’re fresh, they’re new, and they created one of my favorite projects of the year. 

Favorite song: “Under Your Spell”

Caroline Polachek – “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You”

A stunningly beautiful pop album. Polachek’s lush vocals on top of ear-worm instrumental melodies feel like paradise and passion oozes from her performance. The concept of desire permeates the project, echoed in her crooning of the chorus on “Welcome To My Island.” The album is euphoric, introspective, and impossible to put down. I had the pleasure of hearing it live back in May and Polachek’s stage presence was intensely captivating. 

Favorite song(s): “Welcome To My Island,” “Sunset”

Henry Mosto – “HENRY MOSTO”

Henry Mosto’s self-titled 2023 album is hauntingly gorgeous. Heavily rooted in cloud rap, Mosto puts his exceptional vocal talents to good use through a series of ballads that make him stand out among members of his group Shed Theory. Live instrumentation riddles the project, complimenting the vocal performance as well as providing moments of pure bliss on the instrumental tracks. His chemistry with features is undeniable, as Mosto includes friends and frequent collaborators on the album that always deliver, notably Marlon Dubois with his work on “PURPOSE” and “I CANT EVEN TELL.” This is the least mainstream album on the list, but it’s brimming with Mosto’s natural talent and potential as an artist. 

Favorite song: “COP”


Honorable Mentions

Paramore – “This Is Why”

King Krule – “Space Heavy”

Oghu – “Oghu City”

Lana Del Rey – “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”

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