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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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‘Star Wars’ hot takes from The Observer staff

Isaac H: This is a repeat from my hot take from spring 2021, but “The Last Jedi” is so easily the best “Star Wars” movie since the original trilogy and it’s not particularly close, and the fan response to that movie is why there hasn’t been a single good “Star Wars” project since, besides “Andor.”

Isaac D: Echoing Isaac’s opinion here, “The Last Jedi” is very easily the third best “Star Wars” movie, just behind “Empire” and “A New Hope.” Second, the prequels are just not good. I don’t care about the nostalgia, I don’t care about the memes. “The Phantom Menace” (boring) and “Attack of the Clones” (stupid) are utter dogshit and I don’t like them even ironically.

Astor: Luke should be WAY weirder than he is portrayed as in any of the movies. He was raised for 25(?) years on some backwater planet controlled by one of the biggest crime lords in the galaxy. The schools there are VERY likely to be pretty sub-optimal, his only friends are like, 3 dudes his age, his aunt and uncle, and some old crazy wizard. Like there is no way that that is a well-adjusted man. (I mean he did tongue his sister though so…)

Z: The Mandalorian/Jedi lore is some of the most important lore in “Star Wars.” I really love when there’s chances to explore really old stuff. On top of that, I think Jango Fett was not highlighted enough in the prequels. It’s crazy that they used a Mandalorian’s DNA to fight for the Jedi. That’s messed up man. 

Winnie: Reylo for life.

Cris: Anakin Skywalker sucked as a Jedi and only grew up after both of his legs got cut off. Why does it take you until you get burned in a lava lake to decide on whether you’d rather be a Jedi Master or a decent partner? Grow up dude and stop throwing a fit. Ben Solo was also one of the easiest characters to relate to. He grew up in the shadow of what his parents hoped he wouldn’t become and after sheltering him for his whole life, got surprised when he got manipulated by someone telling him what he wanted to hear. 

Lee: Jatz shouldn’t have been changed.

May: Episodes 1-3 are good movies, I enjoyed them as a child with the stolen VHS my brother took from his friend. 

Brandon M: “Rogue One” is the best “Star Wars” movie, “The Clone Wars” is for kids.

Jackson: The “Star Wars Rebels” series is extremely underrated and I loved seeing those characters come to life in “Ahsoka.” I think that the story of “Star Wars” is much better than the newest trilogy. I want to see more Ezra Bridger!

Nic: There are no good “Star Wars” movies. Dave Filoni is actually hurting “Star Wars” instead of helping it. Filoni now only seems to be more interested in writing his own weird fanfiction than writing an actually good story. 

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