The Early Bird

Now located in downtown Ellensburg on Main Street


The Early Bird Chicken and Waffles

Justin Zabel, Staff Reporter

Do you enjoy waking up early and going to breakfast? Want some chicken and waffles or a scramble bowl? Luckily the Early Bird Café, and its new location, has you covered.

Jeannie Bayles, the restaurant’s owner, said after a rough business climate the past year, The Early Bird made it through thanks to the support of the town.

“It definitely made us realize how supportive the community is. They really rallied around all small businesses and town and supported us through it,” Bayles said. “We wouldn’t be where we are without the community.”

Inside Main Street Restaurant(New Location)

The Early Bird’s newest digs are on main street where the Iron Horse Brewery was previously located, at 412 N Main St.

“We are in a much better, more visible location. Being on Main street kind of opened up a whole new demographic of people,” Bayles said. “When we were over on water street we were just so tucked away in the corner, out of sight, out of mind. Moving to Main street definitely brought in a lot of people who have not dined with us before.”

With the move, The Early Bird began offering new options on their menu, while keeping  old favorites.

“Some of the older ones, the scramble bowl, it’s a classic. All of our waffles are really well received,” Bayles said. “Some of our new stuff that we introduced with the move to main street. A chicken and waffles that people are in love with. We have a burger, a breakfast burger, called the early burger. That one is generally well received.”

Bayles used knowledge of the town and the breakfast eateries already in place in order to come up with the business plan. 

The Early Burger

“Before I opened I was brainstorming. I originally was looking at doing a food truck and breakfast specifically. I felt there was a lot of great stable breakfast restaurants in town,” Bayles said. “But they serve more classic breakfast and I just thought we needed something more off the traditional menu. A little more unique, healthier. That is where it came from.”

But a question many want to know is how Bayles came up with the restaurant name, The Early Bird.

“I’ve had a business plan to start breakfast. I love breakfast. I love the mornings,” Bayles said. “I’ve always and had a business plan wrote when I was in college but it was called Blue Bird Bagelry and I always thought that was something I would do. When this came to fruition I just used that as inspiration and came up with The Early Bird.”