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BOD voter turnout down 40 from last years total

By MATTHEW THOMPSON, staff reporter   After a month of campaigns and 672 votes later, the Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors election is over and seven students can rejoice in their victory.

Board of Directors voting begins May 2

MATT THOMPSON and EVAN PAPPAS, staff reporters President: Bryan Elliott After considering various positions, Bryan Elliott made the decision to run for the President’s Office of the BOD.

Get to know your BOD current members

By MATT THOMPSON & EVAN PAPPAS, staff reporters   KJ Stilling,President   Inspiration: “I realized, wow I survived, wow I learned a lot, wow I met a lot of people. I could either walk away now or I could take what I learned and take all those experiences and then try to be even better.”

BOD stresses the importance of student involvement

By CONNIE MORGAN, staff reporter The Associated Students of CWU Board of Directors met for their weekly meeting last night. The BOD laid the foundation for what to expect this quarter and had good and bad news for the students of CWU.