Angelique Whistocken heads to nationals

Courtesy of CWU Athletics

Simo Rul, Staff Reporter

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Senior javelin thrower Angelique Whistocken did not have track on her mind, but it did pay off for her in the long run, as she is one of the top throwers in the nation.

Whistocken attended Kennewick High School, where she began throwing her freshman year. Whistocken said the reason why she started throwing was because she didn’t feel like running one day at practice.

She has previously run the 200-meters, and the 400-meters here at CWU. In high school she ran whatever her coach wanted her to run.

There are differences between track in high school and college in terms of preparation, what you have to do, and the size of the schools.

“High school track is a lot easier than college track. You don’t have to go to practice, [as] it’s not required. Here…going to practice is something you have to do,” Whistocken said. “My high school track was also a lot different than this just because we had a smaller team than this.”

Whistocken made a few state appearances while at Kennewick High School. Whistocken said she went to state her junior year in the 200-meters, and didn’t do well, then her senior year she won state in Javelin.

Whistocken said she was not recruited for track, but was recruited for basketball. She contacted head coach Kevin Adkisson, came on a tour and enjoyed it. Whistocken said she chose track over basketball because going to CWU meant she would be closer to home.

I definitely thought I was going to college for basketball, and not track,” Whistocken said.

As Whistocken is in her last season, her time at CWU was something that she has enjoyed.

“College is fun,” Whistocken said. “I think that CWU is a great place to come, and it’s really homie, and you can always find somewhere, and something to do.”

Whistocken said her hometown of Kennewick is much different than Ellensburg, because they get more sun, and it’s much hotter.

When she first got to campus, being on the track team made the transition to college easier.

“I definitely think so, it helped with track just because you get friends really fast,” Whistocken said. “You can find stuff to do with them, instead of hanging out by yourself.”

Whistocken is currently ranked sixth in Division-2 in the Javelin.

Whistocken said her goal going into nationals is to be an all-American which is top 8 in the nation. Being all-American is something that motivates her going into her last collegiate meet.

Her motivation is just trying to be great at what she does.

Whistocken said she likes to do things that she is good at, she tries to be best at it because it also makes it more enjoyable if you are good at it.

Whistocken also encourages her teammates, and is there to cheer them on.

“She’s a good inspirational teammate. She’s always there, super happy, like when you do well, [she’s] very positive. She’s like a good team player teammate,” junior heptathlete HarLee Ortega said.

She has an impact on and off the field.

“She’s had a positive impact on our team, she like PR’d (personal record) huge, get us some good points there,” Ortega said. “She’s all-around [a] positive fun person to be around. She brings good vibes to our team, keeps the positivity up.”

Whistocken also helps Ortega when she needs it.

“During Jav[elin], critiques me in positive ways, and just helps me out, it’s good to have someone that’s good, and that knows what they’re doing,” Ortega said.

Assistant coach Brittany Aanstad is impressed by how good Whistocken is. Aanstad said Whistocken is going to nationals and she is impressed by Whistocken being able to throw 149’.

Aanstad has a way of telling her team how and what they need to do to be better going into big meets such as nationals.

“I always tell my athletes about the law of averages,” Aanstad said. “Add all of your throws up from the season, and average [th]em out, and all you’re looking to do is throw a little further then your law of average.”

In Aanstad’s time at CWU Whistocken has had a positive impact.

“She’s a good leader, the whole time I’ve been here, she’s been our top female jav[elin] thrower,” Aanstad said. “She’s just got a lot of natural talent. It’s good to see someone who physically can put the components together, and then also mentally put the components together, that’s good for teammates.”

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Angelique Whistocken heads to nationals