Sprinters break 4×100-meter record, again

Courtesy of CWU Athletics

Courtesy of CWU Athletics

Simo Rul, Staff Reporter

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The CWU women’s 4×100 relay team broke the record at the first home meet with a finish of 46.83 seconds. There is a lot of confidence going forward.

“It feels wonderful [to break the record], I just know it’s one of the small things that we accomplished, and there is way more things we’re about to break. ” freshman hurdler Erykah Weems said.

They do not get to practice the relay much, the thing they have to do is believe in one another.

“Just simply having faith in each other, I think that’s just what the base of it is,” Weems said.

For this team it’s  only about taking steps in the right direction.

“Our team is just about faith, and we just keep on growing,” Weems said.

The four ladies, Erykah Weems, sophomore hurdler Mariyah Vongsaveng, senior hurdler Tianna Banfro, and senior sprinter Maddie Garcia wanted to break the record going into the meet.

“We were kind of expecting it, we were actually hoping for [a] … faster time, because we could have had the record the last year or two,” Banfro said.

Banfro said they could run faster, and the ladies plan on breaking it again.

This is déjà vu for the ladies as GNAC approaches.

“I think we are ranked third right now going in, but we were third last year…and came out with the title,” Banfro said.

Banfro is happy about what the Wildcats have accomplished, and is looking forward to the team’s future.

“This is a great team, we’re exceeding each meet, the team is getting stronger every year. As I’m a senior, I’m excited to see what Central has to continue to do,” Banfro said.

This team has not practiced a lot, or even raced together, but the record is theirs.

“It was really important [to break the record], because that was the second time we put that team together,” said assistant coach Bryan Mack.

Mack announced this is the team that will represent CWU at the GNAC tournament.

Things did not necessarily go as planned, but they still managed to break the record.

“They’re pretty confident right now that they can be a 46-flat, maybe sub 46 team,” Mack said. “It wasn’t a perfect race, the first handoff was a little off a couple steps, second handoff was way off, and this last one was pretty good. There is a lot of room to improve.”

Mack believed that the ladies were capable of breaking it.

“I was impressed, but I also expected them to break [the record]. I knew they had the ability to go sub 47,” Mack said. “I kind of had the expectation, but it didn’t make it any less impressive.”

Mack said carrying this momentum is important, in case if they don’t get to run again before GNACs, he’s hoping they can practice with the same energy that they broke the record with. If they go run their race, and do what they have to that they can repeat as GNAC champions.

The current record is held by Alaska Anchorage with a time of 46.37. The Wildcats will have a few more chances to break the record with a few meets to go before the GNAC tournament.

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Sprinters break 4×100-meter record, again