Rock Against Rape

The annual Rock Against Rape comes to the SURC Ballroom


Daisy Perez, Scene Senior Reporter

The 9th annual Rock Against Rape will feature the local rock band, COBRAHAWK. The band wants to help spread the Wellness Center’s message: That sexual assault prevention and additional resources that are available for sexual assault victims, as well as their family and friends. COBRAHAWK will perform at the event from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. They will be playing songs from their new album “Vindictive” as well as some covers. The female-fronted rock band consists of five members: Lakyn Burry (vocals), Jeff Gerrer (bassist), Devin Duncan (guitarist), Andrew Burr (junior guitarist) and Nat Nickel (drummer).

Cobrahawk wants to perform for the event, because they want to help people learn about the resources that are available for sexual assault victims.  “If our music or performance can help spread the message…then we feel a sense of duty to do so,”  Nickel said. “Being locals, we want to promote a safe and healthy environment.”

“Rock Against Rape creates an open and engaging event that encourages students, staff, faculty  and community members to engage in a conversation about affirmative sexual consent, sexual assault prevention and the campus’ responsibility in denouncing violence,” said Kendall Lindberg, coordinator and health educator at the CWU Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center hopes to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive to all students. The Wellness Center wants to provide additional knowledge about options and support that is available when it comes to violence prevention.

“[It] puts a spotlight on the need for environmental support from our entire community to end…sexual assault,” said Doug Fulp, a health educator and co-coordinator for the event.

The purpose of the event is to directly address personal violence in our community, empower victims and destroy the stigma about discussing the issues or reporting instances of violence. The Wellness Center hopes to breakdown the stigma that is associated with experiencing and reporting sexual assault and domestic violence and provide education.

“People who are victims of sexual assault [seek] counseling for many reasons,” said Chelsea Buffum, licensed mental health counselor at the student medical and counseling clinic. “They may be experiencing and wanting to process feelings of anger, sadness, fear, loss and confusion.”

Sexual assault victims may struggle with intrusive or disruptive thoughts of trauma that won’t go away, in addition to  avoiding situations and circumstances they used to enjoy due to re-surfacing trauma(s). Victims may also struggle with sleep, academics, grounding skills, connecting with their inner strengths and resources.

“I have not personally attended the Rock Against Rape event…but I think [it’s] a really important event that we have because it raises awareness and helps survivors know they are not alone,” Buffum said.

Four counselors are attending the event and will answer questions students have about the counseling clinic and how to seek out these services. There will be an art battle with student artists and activities put on by a variety of student clubs and organizations, showing how personal violence affects their members or how they are fighting to end it. Usually, 300 to 400 people attend the event. The event will be free to all students and members of our community.

“We think everyone wants to be a part of a solution to stop violence. Sometimes, they just need education or support,” Lindberg said.

Rock Against Rape will be held in the SURC Ballroom on Tuesday, April 25. The doors will open 5 p.m.