Campus Activities rolling forward


Xander Fu

Campus Activities students Chris Martin, Alyssa Harrell, Mia Patterson and Alexis Everett greet students entering the SURC Theater for Monday Movie Madness.

Samuel Beaumonte

When Scott Drummond, the previous director of Campus Activities, retired this February after 25 plus years in the position, Yessica Marquez took over as interim director with Director of Student Involvement Andre Dickerson.

“With the transition between Scott being gone, both Yessica and Andre have stepped up and done more than they possibly could,’” said Chris Martin, a special events coordinator for Campus Activities. “They do more than is expected or even asked of them.”

While Marquez holds the responsibilities that Drummond previously held, by the time the official position is filled, the responsibilities and expectations may be changed.

While Drummond doesn’t work for Campus Activities anymore, he’s still working on passing all of his contacts over and doing what he can to help Marquez and the students.

“I think they are reworking the job description, even the title. Campus Activities will most likely look a little different,” Drummond said. “Next year it will be new, as it should be. I saw the first description but after that I thought it was healthier for me to start extracting myself. It has to be their process.”

Despite the expected change, Drummond believes that the staff he left behind can handle the challenge.

“I tried to prepare my students before I left. I described it as ‘my ripple would close’ and they’d need to get used to the next person,” Drummond said. “They’re a real good, strong and capable group. They’ve made me look really smart.”

In the past two months since Drummond’s departure, Campus Activities have kept up with all their programs and started to focus on creating smaller events.

“There hasn’t been much of a challenge since Scott left,” Martin said. “We’ve kept the same work ethic as when Scott was here. He was a great boss and a great friend.”

When asked, Dickerson said that Campus Activities is getting all of the support they need from both faculty and staff and –to their knowledge– are meeting all of their student’s needs.

While the next official position to head Campus Activities is uncertain, Drummond has left behind his contacts for events that bring in musicians, comedians and various other performers along with a bit of advice for those interested in the position.

“Just jump in. Know the theory: Always be able to answer yes or no and why. You always want to be able to explain [what you do],” Drummond said. “It’s always about the students first. It’s [their] money so we’re trying to protect it and stretch it as far as it goes.”