WSU student lands dream internship with The Tonight Show


Courtesy of NBC/Screenshot of March 22 show:

Jimmy Fallon announced on March 22 that WSU student Jake Sirianni was chosen to be his new intern.

Jack Belcher

On March 22 Jimmy Fallon announced on The Tonight Show that Jake Sirianni, a junior at Washington State University (WSU), would be an official intern for the show. Sirianni caught the eye of the television show host via a video he posted three days prior.

The video was taken from a clip from the show that featured actor Daniel Radcliffe rapping Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics.” Sirianni edited out Radcliffe of the video and edited himself into Radcliffe’s spot. With Jimmy Fallon standing behind him, he performed a rap detailing the reasons why he would make a good intern.

The video is on Youtube and currently has over 256,000 views.

Sirianni made the video to set himself apart from other applicants that wanted the position and based on the outcome, it clearly worked. He was surprised to see that the video he had made went viral the way it did. The Tonight Show took notice of the video through Facebook.

Sirianni wrote the rap by himself in secret for a week and a half, pre-editing, taking Radcliffe and his audio out of the video, took two weeks. Recording and post-editing himself into the video took another week. From start to finish, the entire process took just over a month.

Sirianni has been editing since he was in the fourth grade, starting with Windows Movie Maker. He has always been in love with editing, honing his skills with experience through a video editing class in high school, a major in communications at WSU and learning  anything  he can through the internet.

Sirianni had a hunch that he got the internship when he received a notice on Twitter telling him to watch that night’s episode of The Tonight Show. He and a large group on his friends gathered to watch the episode where Jimmy Fallon responded to his video.

“Jake, if you’re watching this, and you better be watching this,” said Fallon during his March 22 show. “The answer is yes … I can’t wait to meet you, man. Get ready to work!”

Sirianni is very excited to be working with the show.

“[I am] over the moon about the opportunity,” Sirianni said.

He will be leaving for New York in late May and his training for the show will begin on May 22. His training will take a week and he will finally be working on the show on May 29. Although Sirianni does not yet know what exactly his job is, it is clear that this is a dream come true.