Secret Valentine’s Gift Exchange

Daisy Perez, Scene Reporter

Giving gifts is just one way to tell your special someone how important they are. This year, the CWU chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) began a tradition of a secret Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange.

NAfME is a nationwide club, but for several years now, CWU’s  NAfME is the largest in the country, holding approximately 150 members.

Maggie Smith, a senior music education major and an officer for NAfME, said that the club—as well as the secret valentine gift exchange—purpose is  to build a community.

Jack Lambert
Jacqueline Vandeman, a junior music education major and secretary of NAfME is organizing the gift exchange. She said that last Christmas they were unable to organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. She figured she could make up for it with a Valentine’s Day gift exchange instead.

“It’s a great opportunity to open up and do something else for people. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have be all about love,” Vandeman said laughing. “And presents are fun!”

David Stewart, a senior music education major, is the president of Central’s NAfME. He will be participating in the gift exchange in addition to helping Vandeman set up for the event.

According to Stewart, NAfME provides learning opportunities to its members. The gift exchange is a way to create community in the music building and make it a friendly place for music and non-music majors to interact.

On Feb. 6 after filling out a form containing information about their favorite: snacks, songs, animals, hobbies, movies and books, students received an envelope containing information about who their secret valentine is and the rules of the exchange.

The gift should not cost more than $10 and they should be wrapped with a note attached with their name on it; making sure the gift remains anonymous.

The CWU music department will host the Secret Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange Monday, Feb. 13 after the NAfME meeting in room 150 in the music building.