MyCWU to get an upgrade

Bailey Smith, Staff Reporter

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“The new exciting feature for the MyCWU is the Fluid Technology Platform, we can now develop mobile applications for the site,” said Charlene Bane, the information systems business liaison.

“We are keeping the same look and feel, for the most part, but adding the mobile ability,” Bane said.

The new and improved site allows not only students to engage in tasks, but employees and staff members as well.

The process for updating a website is extensive. Bane compared the updating process to airplanes being tested.

“We do what we call tests moves, my dad was an engineer at Boeing and when they develop an airplane they don’t just design it, build it and give it to United Airlines. They test it so when I go on vacation it doesn’t fall out of the sky,” Bane said.

“We take our program on three “test flights,” with over a hundred representatives from Human Resources putting data into the system to break it within a two-week period,” stated Bane.

This occurs between the months of August up until March. Between August and November hundreds of representatives from HR are analyzing and creating the design for the website, then from November to March the team is working on configuring and developing the software.

You can expect an enhanced defensive solutions update, a full system integration and a fluid technology platform with access via mobile device. The MyCWU upgrade service interruption will commence on Thursday, April 13 at 5 p.m. and the site be shut down temporarily.

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MyCWU to get an upgrade