These pillows are made for dressing

By CHLOE RAMBERG, staff reporter

To many people, a pillowcase is simply something that sits on their bed. But to a little girl, it can mean a brand new dress.

The Central Washington University Fashion Merchandising Club has partnered with Dress a Girl Around the World, an organization that turns pillowcases into dresses and sends them to little girls in need of clothing.

“Every little girl deserves a beautiful dress, that’s why we do this,” said Cassie Lewis, president of the fashion merchandising club.

Members of the FMC, as well as other volunteers, come in on Saturdays and work all day to transform pillowcases into dresses. This is the third year they have worked with the organization.

“It’s a 12-hour sew-a-thon,” Lewis said.

The club is asking for gently used pillowcases, preferably ones that are colored or have a pattern. The members work on adding pockets, buttons, and anything else to transform a normal pillowcase into a dress for a little girl.

Members of the club aim to make around 100 dresses to be sent to the organization, which ships them all over the world to little girls who have been neglected or are in need of clothing.

For Traci VonJouanne, junior fashion merchandising club senator, it’s important to her to give her time to do something for others.

“This is us stepping in and showing these little girls that they have self-worth,” VonJouanne said. “It really puts things into perspective.”

Many of the little girls who receive the dresses have been in abusive situations or are from less fortunate areas of the world. They often grow up lacking confidence and not realizing their own self-worth.

“It’s important that every child has a healthy self-esteem,” said Kaitlin O’Brien, fashion merchandising club treasurer.

Students and community members will have the opportunity to donate pillowcases until May 4. The club will have a table in the Student Union and Recreation Center on May 2 and May 3 and will be accepting all gently used pillowcases.

“We all sleep with a pillow case,” said Kelsey Sager, fashion merchandising club vice president. “We forget how fortunate we are, and that we can help others