OPINION: Pokemon Go and recover your common sense

Mikaila Wilkerson, Staff Reporter

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We all know how big of a success Pokemon Go was when it was released–and it still is to this day. I know that I still continue to see small clumps of people walking around late at night, lost in their phones and appearing to be in search of those little critters.

Pokemon Go serves to be a game that is meant to get people to go outside, exercise and interact with other people. I know that I, myself, have heard many inspirational stories about people who played the game and ended up going to various unfamiliar places.

Once there, they would go on to explain that people who had shown up were all acting like friends and that it was almost like the Pokemon players had their own little community coming together. It’s always touching to hear stories about how people are so welcoming of others.

Yet, even when I am hearing these great stories, I have also been hearing terrible stories about people who run out into the street without stopping to check that there were no cars.

There have already been multiple reports of people getting hit while crossing the streets because the players did not take the time to look both ways before crossing the street. How hard can that really be?

A girl was hit just recently and she has the audacity to blame the game for her getting hit by a car.

Seriously? Did the game force you to walk out into the road? I highly doubt it. You just can’t admit that you were at fault for not watching where you were going. The game even gives a warning sign about being aware when you play!

All I ask of you is that you respect yourselves and your surroundings when being indulged in such interactive games such as Pokemon Go. Use your common sense for your safety and the safety of those around you.

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2 Responses to “OPINION: Pokemon Go and recover your common sense”

  1. Gene K baldwin jr on August 3rd, 2016 3:15 pm

    Dear OBSERVER:
    I was told there would be no more articles posted this summer session? I hope there is at least one more.
    Thank you,
    Gene Baldwin


    McKenzie Lakey Reply:

    Mr. Baldwin,

    We appreciate your readership! Unfortunately there will be no further articles pertaining to news on campus this summer, considering our reporters have all finished their requirements for the quarter and have officially started their break. However, we do have the occasional opinion piece that will run.

    If you have any letters to the editor that you would like to send our way or opinion pieces of your own, we’d love to hear from you! Again, thank you for your feedback. We greatly appreciate hearing from our readers!

    Observer Staff


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OPINION: Pokemon Go and recover your common sense