The search for housing in Ellensburg

Natalie Baldwin, Staff Reporter

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On-campus living can have many benefits. Food is taken care of, along with laundry, and it can be potentially be an easy way to make friends. However, as the residency halls fill up with more incoming freshmen and you’re done with the crowded spaces, perhaps off-campus is your best choice.

There are several choices if you would like to live in on-campus apartments such as Student Village, Getz/Short, Wahle, Anderson and Brooklane. To live in a one bedroom at Student Village is $668 a month, a two bedroom is $900 and a three bedroom is $998.

Getz/Short apartments start at $668 and go up to $900 for a two bedroom. Anderson only offers a two bedroom apartment which starts at $900, same with Wahle apartments which are $860 a month.

Brooklane is $616 for a one bedroom, $840 for a two bedroom and $912 for a three bedroom. In accordance to CWU Housing policies you must meet some requirements before living in an on-campus apartment. These requirements are that you need to have completed one year of academic college or are 20 years old.

Remolded units will rent for an additional amount of $50 a month. Deposits are $200 per contract holder–$100 at the time of application and $100 at the time of placement. To find out more information about student apartments visit

Off-campus apartments are also an option, with a few options including The Meadows, The Verge (formerly the Grove) and University Park and Place.

The Meadows has three locations to pick from which are Alder, Walnut and Mercer Creek. All three locations have water, sewer and garbage included in their rent. They are pet friendly but they don’t include a washer or dryer in unit. The leasing office is located at 1902 N. Walnut #6A Ellensburg, WA 98926. University Park & Place is pet friendly and has on-site laundry facilities. The leasing office is located at 501 E. 18th Ave. Ellensburg, WA 98926.

The Verge is located at 2420 North Airport Road, Ellensburg, WA 98926. Unlike the previous apartments, The Verge comes with a washer and dryer in unit. They are pet friendly and the apartment is fully furnished which attracts many students. The apartment features your own private bathroom and walk-in closet and also provides you with internet and a cable package. Rent includes water/trash and you pay for electricity.

An individual who lives at The Verge and wished to remain unnamed, said they moved in because “it was cheap, probably one of the cheapest places to live near campus.” Rent is $525 a month plus $50 for a pet fee in a two bedroom apartment.

This individual said that they enjoyed the fact that they got their own private bathroom, but the walls were very thin and could make it hard to fall asleep or to study. Issues with a roommate can be solved, but costs the tenant $500 to switch roommates and $100 to replace a lost key.

Some advice that this individual offered was to read any  lease that is signed and know the fine print of what you are signing. By signing a contract you may still be required to pay rent after being evicted or breaking the lease. The details of every lease differ and depend on the landlord and the organization.

If you want to live off-campus and you don’t already have a place lined up, you won’t be finding a place any time soon–considering students began to sign up for housing last fall. If you want to live off campus, even if it’s in a student apartment, you’ll need to apply now and keep checking in on your application status. CWU Housing advises that you provide a deposit and last month’s rent as well.

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The search for housing in Ellensburg