OPINION: The down-low on gen eds

Kailan Manandic, Senior Reporter

There’s been a lot of recent stuff going down regarding the faculty senate and the general education program here at Central. It’s all very confusing and boils down to education departments that can’t agree on which classes are the most relevant.

But either way, why should we give a shit about these attempted changes? There’s not a huge reason to.

A student attending a university is required to meet general education requirements which supposedly grants that student “functioning member of society” status. Afterwards, they’re able to specialize in whatever they want.

Basically, the faculty senate is trying to offer better class options students can take under the general education program. This wouldn’t change much other than presumably improve class diversity and change around where class credits go.

Initially, this seems like it could create some problems for current students.

If those requirements change in the middle of a student’s first years at college, it could mess with their graduation trajectory. Mass panic ensues as they race to the advisor’s office behind the 2,000 other frantic students.

Ideally, the administration isn’t that stupid. Whenever the faculty senate finally agrees on a new program and implements it, current students could be either grandfathered into the old requirements, or have their credits transferred over to the new system.

It wouldn’t matter for current students or new students. Most of us probably wouldn’t even see the difference.

A lot of this is just bureaucratic bullshit blown out of proportion. However, general education is something students don’t explore as much as they should.

I sure as hell had no idea what I wanted to do once I was out of college. Then, on a whim, I took Journalism 101 and found something I was slightly less than good at, but something I enjoyed.

General education isn’t just about jumping through hoops to fulfill some requirements, it gives you a chance to find things you’re actually interested in. You’re sinking thousands of dollars into debt by the second so why not take classes you’d enjoy?

Those math and science classes are a bitch to sit through but they’re daily so it’d be fine to skip two or 20 days. I’d rather find a class that would kill me to miss instead of kill me to sit through.

General Education gives students an opportunity to find subjects they’re actually interested. Become that one kid who enjoyed extra homework and even try to make it your real-work.

This could be your last chance to find the thing you’re passionate about or just take a cool class while you’re spending all this money.