OPINION: You’re #WithHer, but why?

Jonathan Glover, Editor-In-Chief

Note: I voted for Bernie Sanders during Washington’s Democratic Caucus. I was chosen as a delegate to represent Sanders. This opinion is purely my own.

I don’t know if it’s ignorance, stubbornness or a combination of both, but a lot of you out there seem to think Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States.

I don’t know if it’s ignorance, stubbornness or a combination of both, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

If you think about it — and I mean really think about it — it should come as a no-brainer. Do you really want to be in the corner of someone who is fully capable of not only lying to you, but not even giving you a chance to meet the real her?

We’re talking about a Democratic nominee who used her own private email server while Secretary of State, and according to the FBI investigation, deleted over 30,000 of them before she was issued a subpoena.

She said none of the emails were classified, yet multiple news agencies reported they were. Her camp claims those emails were deemed as such after being released, and were not classified at the time they were deleted.

Okay, cool. But why take the risk? Why aren’t more people skeptical of all of this?

Is it because a large portion of Clinton’s supporters are older, and therefore don’t pay attention to online-news media (which, in some cases, heavily favors Bernie Sanders)? According to a story on The Washington Post, Hillary Clinton had more airtime than any other Democratic nominee on traditional cable news programs such as CNN and Fox news.

Or is it because a large portion of Clinton’s supporters are wealthier, and only care about their bottom line? A poll cited on The New York Times shows that Clinton leads considerably among voters making over $100,000 a year. And if there’s anything I know about people with money, it’s that they would generally like to keep it.

I’m sure the corporations donating millions of dollars into her campaign would like to keep their money too.

And it’s no secret that Clinton herself has a love affair with that “skrilla” (as the kids say. — a demographic she’s desperately trying to reach). Clinton regularly charges over $200,000 for private speeches, where members of the media are barred from entering. And she refuses to release those speech transcripts. I wonder why?

At private fundraisers, her camp turns on white-noise machines and points them towards reporters so they can’t listen to her speech. I’m not making this up, this actually happened.

Stan Bush of CBS Denver was across the street from one of Clinton’s private fundraisers (which, by the way, can cost up to $50,000 a plate) in Denver last Thursday. He tweeted, “Guess @HillaryClinton campaign dsn’t [sic] want reporters to hear fundraiser speech. Turned on a static noise machine pointed at us when she spoke.”

He then uploaded a before and after video where white noise can clearly be heard in the second video, which drowns all other noise from the fundraiser.

I’ll just remind you again that people voted for her.

Let’s not forget her poorly-chosen words on how Ronald and Nancy Reagan helped start a national dialogue on HIV/AIDS. Except they didn’t. Far from it. She apologized (of course), and voters moved on. I guess we’re lucky that people don’t change their tune based on one flub, but come on, really?

Oh, and then her husband verbally sparred with Black Lives Matters protesters in Philadelphia last Thursday. “You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter,” CNN quotes Bill Clinton saying.

Ouch. I get that his views are not hers, but still. Ouch.

After incidents like this, Hillary Clinton is still leading in New York primary polls. Granted, she was a New York senator for eight years, but come on Yankees. Of all people, you should be able to spot a fraud when you see one. Aren’t you East Coasters supposed to be brash and to-the-point?

But I get it. Who else are we going to elect. Bernie Sanders? That guy’s old, and have you seen his hair? It’s all crazy and stuff.

And Clinton has this cool Twitter hashtag—#I’mWithHer

It took me a few minutes to find it, but I managed. Actually, I bet I did about as much research into a hashtag as I assume her followers have done on her voting record.