OPINION: Who has time to study with tuition like this?

Cody Nilsen, Social Media Manager

When it comes to the cost of higher education I don’t understand why anyone would be against it being less expensive or paid for.

I have seen posts on Facebook of articles and from individuals I knew in high school who disagreed with the idea of higher education being paid for. They are currently in college and make the argument that they had to work their asses off and everyone else should too.

I will say this; I agree that anyone who receives a degree from a university should have to work hard. Yet, at the same time, paying for college should not be.

What bothers me the most about these individuals who make statements about their hard work is the fact that they think people who don’t go to college are not hard workers.

You’re taking 18 credits and working 20 to 30 hours. Good for you and all the thousands of other students who are doing the same thing. There are even others that have to do even more than that to get by.

They drive cars that break down all the time or they ride a bike or they walk to school. They eat noodles and bargain meat because it’s all they can afford. They pull all-nighters after working nine-hour shifts at work.

Yet, we are all the lucky ones who had far more opportunities and friends and family in our lives to help us get here.

Even after I work hard, I am still struggling to pay bills, buy food and other essentials.

This doesn’t make me think that someone else should have to go through the same struggle as I do just to be able to learn.

Is there really an argument for denying someone who wants to learn a chance at higher education? Or expect them to take on a massive debt, if they are even offered a loan to do so

While there are far more complicated economic issues behind free tuition for higher education. This is directed to the fraction of individuals who feel others should not be allowed the same opportunity they had.

A society with a higher number of educated people is a good thing. As an example your house will be worth more if the person living next to you has a college degree.

In a way, it is a form of oppression to not allow people access to higher education, due to the fear there won’t be enough jobs or a college degree won’t be worth as much.

Whatever the reason is, it is still wrong and in general holding back progress.

I worked hard and I am better for it, but my education suffered. There were times throughout my college career when my studies came second and opportunities were passed by because of work.

There are students who worked harder than me and those who did not. We shouldn’t be jealous someone less had it easier to get a college education.

We should all be happy there is one more educated person in the world who has added potential to make it a better place.

The sad reality is that after college students graduate many of them will be tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they should be rewarded for improving themselves.

Higher education can never be given; it can only be earned. Regardless of whether someone had to pay for it.