OPINION: The deal on taking Adderall

Cody Nilsen, Social Media Coordinator

Do I think taking Adderall is good or bad?

Adderall has become one of those things where either you think it’s helpful or a plague. The truth is that there are both good and bad things about taking the drug.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the side effects of Adderall, but a lot of the side effects come from the fact the people taking it either one don’t need it or are on too high of a dose.

I don’t think it should be given to kids under the age of 12-years-old. They’re just too young to be diagnosed since kids are inherently hyper and easily distracted.

Why is it a bad thing if a 16-year-old uses Adderall and they’re able to finish their homework while retaining the information, clean their room and make it to football practices on time?

Myself and several other people I know have prescriptions for Adderall. We have never experienced lack of appetite, increased heart rate or inability to sleep.

My brother-in-law and I both take Adderall and have eaten an entire extra large pizza. After that, we both ended up taking a nap. Things we were supposed to not want to do after taking Adderall.

We also don’t have to take it every day if we don’t want to, unlike caffeine where it can become a habit. If you think about it, is it worse than someone who drinks four energy drinks to stay awake and focused every day?

How about people who take Xanax for anxiety? Where do we draw the line for what is acceptable medication?

I am tired of people telling me that Adderall is bad and it shouldn’t be around when you don’t have an issue and have never taken it. Or you have taken it and you abused it cramming for a final.

Plus, if you feel the side effects, you’re supposed to let your doctor know because you may need a lower dose or none at all.

So stop posting on Facebook about all the side effects when they’re not an issue for the people who actually need Adderall and don’t abuse it.