Central athletics launches rewards app

Samuel Beaumonte, Staff Reporter

Last Friday, Central’s athletics department launched their Wildcat Athletic Rewards (W.A.R.) Points app, which rewards students that attend sporting and community events with points that can be used to redeem prizes.

“When students check in at a sporting event, they can get points that they could redeem for a prize,” said Tyler Unsicker, assistant athletic director for external affairs. “Each event is worth a set amount of points, and the end game [for giving points] is to increase attendance.”

In addition to the reward system, the app provides easy access to the athletic program’s social media pages.

“We really want people to be involved and have a good experience,” Unsicker said. “My old school used the program so I had used it before. [Central] liked that I had experience with the program since they had been looking into it.”

Unsicker worked previously at the University of North Alabama and joined Central’s Athletic Department in September.

The W.A.R. Points app was created through SuperFanU, Inc. which has helped dozens of other universities increase ticket sales and student participation.

Currently, there are over 100 Central students who have downloaded the app. Unsicker aims to have over a 1,000 downloads by the end of the school year.

“We just launched it last week, and we’re a little behind the eight-ball since I joined in late September, but the app will continue to get better as the year goes,” Unsicker said.

The new app has a lot of extra features that Unsicker hopes Central’s student body will take advantage of.

“The app has a fan pool, which we could do fun stuff with like ask what kind of music students would like to listen to, and then give a list for them to choose from,” Unsicker said. “There’s a fan-cam that you can post photos of you and your friends in CWU gear at events or anywhere else. If you’re at the Great Wall of China in your Central gear, we want to see it. It’s meant to encourage people to stay involved.”