Asylum prepares to drop bass

Cody Nilsen, Staff Reporter

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time for costume parties, dancing and some good ol’ spooky tunes.

It’s not a bad idea to grab a costume ahead of time, especially for the upcoming Asylum rave on Oct. 23 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Moose Lodge.

If you enjoyed The FreakNight Traveling Circus or Midwinter Wonderland, then Asylum is the place to be.

Trey Wiesen and Brandon Crandall, founders of Tune District Productions LLC, are collaborating with Team Zeekenex to put on a mind-blowing show.

“Ellensburg is the center of Washington. It is a place where there should be more music performances and that is what we’re all about,” Wiesen said.

Wiesen would like to see Asylum become an annual event and the first big party of the academic year that everyone can look forward to.  

If electronic dance music (EDM) is a passion or something that has spiked your curiosity, Asylum’s lineup of local artists will include A.O., Zeekenex, Tannerite and Quantum Darq.

Tabitha Zimny, junior recreation and tourism major, attended Midwinter Wonderland, along with many other EDM concerts.

One of the artists, Zeekenex, recently won a DJ competition in Seattle, where he now gets to play on C98.5 FM on Nov. 14, 2015,” Zimny said.

PANDEMIC will be filling in for K3VBOT, who will no longer be performing at Asylum.  

“We were trying to keep this a secret, but there will be a surprise performer,” Wiesen said.

While Wiesen wouldn’t say who the surprise artist will be, he did hint that it will be someone who will put on a show resembling an early EDM style.  

The quality of sound and lights is what makes a great EDM performance.

Tune District will be providing a light show and sound equipment. In the last few weeks, Tune Districts has acquired two new subwoofers to maximize sound.

Central graduate Tanner Richey is back to complete a masters in cyber-security and he gave some insight on what to expect from Asylum.

With two years of experience being a DJ and producing, Richey was also a performer in  Midwinter Wonderland and several other venues in Seattle.

“What will be different for this show compared to Midwinter Wonderland? I will be using four decks instead of two,” Richey said.

All of the performers will play original songs in addition to the other mixes.

Electro House is the style Richey and A.O. focus their performance around.

The style is a hard form of house music with 125 to 135 beats per minute, focused around a prominent bassline.

What this means for his performance is double the difficulty, but at the same time it allows for more complex mixes.

Richey’s performance begins at 10 p.m. and will go until 11 p.m.       

Non-music performing acts will include Pu ki, a local hula-hoop dancer and a face painter.

Another new addition will be TVs playing different types of graphics and videos on the stage.

“I am super excited for Asylum. It’s going to be a fun Halloween show at the Moose Lodge and everyone will be wearing a costume,” Zimny said. “All the artists on the lineup are not only good friends of mine, but talented DJs and producers as well.”

These events are a way to support the local talent at Central.

Not too long ago, an artist by the name of Macklemore came through Central, back before he could sell out Key Arena.

The age limit for the event are ages 18 and up, with a full bar available for anyone over the age of 21. The admission cost to get in the door is $5.

Wiesen is aware of his audience and wants to keep making the shows accessible.

“The more people we can get to show up, the more events [we] get to put on and keep the cost of entering low,” Wiesen said. “It’s a college town, I know they don’t have money to spend on high priced tickets and that’s not what we’re about.”