Intramurals take elite step

Samuel Beaumonte, Staff Reporter

Monday, Oct. 12 marks the beginning of fall quarter’s intramural sports season. This year, more sports are being offered for teams to participate in, with a new level of competition added as well.

Central’s recreation department is replacing their previous competitive league with a new elite league to go alongside the recreational, co-ed and open groups.

The champions of the elite league will earn a championship shirt and customized backpack.

Last year, the color of the t-shirts changed with each quarter, but this year the style of shirt will change each quarter.

Fall champions will be awarded t-shirts, winter winners will receive long sleeve shirts and spring victors will win tank tops.

Along with league changes, this year’s lineup of sports has changed.

Central is offering seven different intramural sports this quarter, with a total of 88 teams signed up to compete.

The seven sports are basketball, bubble ball soccer, flag football, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, softball and volleyball.

“We make sure to have our outdoor sports in the fall to encourage as many students as we can,” Intramurals Sports and Special Events Coordinator Jordan Stinglen said.

The intramural sports offered at Central change frequently due to popularity and demand by students.

“We want to get as many types of people interested in intramurals, and give everyone an opportunity to play and be involved,” Stinglen said.

Jordan Halstead, membership and facilities graduate assistant, has been helping with intramural sports since fall 2012. He sees these changes as an opportunity to attract more students.

“I think the changes Jordan Stinglen is implementing to the [intramural] program are great,” Halstead said. “Bubbleball brought CWU onto the national map … and he is doing everything he can to enhance the participant experience.”

Halstead believes that participating in intramural sports gives students opportunities to build interpersonal relationships and a sense of integrity.

“[Intramural] sports has a huge impact on students, even if they do not realize it,” Halstead said. “Whether you are competitive or playing just for fun, there are so many benefits of participating in recreational sports.”

Ryan Borja, a senior clinical physiology major, suggests that all freshmen should participate in an intramural sport.

Borja has participated in intramurals all five years he has been at Central. He’s competed in indoor and outdoor football, softball and basketball.

“I’d say intramural sports has helped me meet some new people, and I have made a couple good friends through it,” Borja said. “I played sports my entire life and all through my high school career, and coming to college I really missed the competitive feel of sports, and intramural sports provide that competitive feel.”

Besides students, faculty and staff are also allowed to compete in intramurals.

“I try to get the staff here as involved as possible by occasionally starting up a flag football or volleyball team,” Stinglen said. “It’d be fun to have some of [our staff] competing against students.”

Halstead, who started out as a transfer from Olympic College, found intramurals to be helpful after arriving at Central.

“It seemed like it would be a good fit,” Halstead said. “Eventually, I became a supervisor, and then started to work in the office assisting with events and leagues.”

Halstead has participated in many of Central’s intramural sports.

“As a player, I have played softball, indoor and outdoor soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, bubble ball and flag football,” Halstead said. “The experience has been great playing [intramural sports]. A majority of the friends I have made since transferring have come from either playing or working.”