Take a tour around Ellensburg’s Taco Tuesdays

Randi Gibbons, Staff Reporter

Around Ellensburg, Taco Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) draws in large crowds each week. But are all Taco Tuesdays (or Thursdays) created equally?

There are places like The Palace who have been serving tacos for almost a decade and then newer faces like The Porch, who haven’t even been open for a year. Let one thing be known though- no matter where you go, the tacos will not disappoint.

First up, our veteran of the group, The Palace.

The Palace is a restaurant in the front and a bar in the back, providing a separation between rowdy and romantic. This long-time local establishment serves up tacos every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 9 pm- in the bar only.

Erin, a bartender and taco enthusiast at The Palace, helped to provide a pros and cons list for their taco nights.


-Tacos come out really fast, typically no longer than a five minute wait.

-Tacos are cheap, running at a rate of .79 cents for each one.

-The Palace provides vegetarian options with avocado instead of meat.

-There are two meat options for tacos, chicken or beef.


-Like all tacos, if they sit too long they become soggy.

– Only two meat options, no pork or fish.

– The Palace can become very crowded fairly quick.

According to Ryan Freedman, a senior studying English, The Palace can be difficult to get service at once it fills up and tables are no longer available.

“The servers do their best to keep up but with how popular taco night is it can be difficult to be served or even find a seat when peak hour hits,” said Freedman.

The Palace’s bartender Erin agrees, but says being early can help combat that problem.

“Get here [The Palace] before 6 pm to grab a table,” said Erin.

Next in the Ellensburg taco comparison ring is The Porch.

The Porch started their own taco Tuesday serving up street tacos from 3 pm to close at 9 pm, only on Tuesdays.


– Large establishment that fits lots of taco lovers.

– Taco Tuesday at The Porch is accompanied by discounted loaded coronas and tequila shots.

– The Porch provides a variety tacos such as chicken, beef, and pork- with the option of only vegetables which includes salsa, avocado, and cilantro.


– The Porch’s tacos are almost twice the price as competitors costing $2.00 per taco.

– The entire establishment closes at 9 pm, even the bar.

Megan Levesque, a senior studying Sociology, is an avid fan of taco Tuesday and the environment that comes with it.

“Its fun to hangout with friends on Tuesday nights while eating cheap tacos and having cheap drinks, the only down side being the party can’t continue at The Porch since they close so early,” said Levesque.

Our third taco defender in Ellensburg is The Horseshoe.

The Horseshoe changed the game of taco Tuesday by providing tacos for lunch from 11 am to 2 pm each Tuesday.


– Tacos are large

– Customers get to build their own taco (request what’s on it).

– The wait time is almost nothing.

– Customers can get cheap tacos for lunch at The Horseshoe before getting cheap tacos for dinner elsewhere on Tuesdays.


– The price range is one taco for $3.00 to two for $5.00.

– The Horseshoe’s taco time is during a typical workday.

– Only one meat choice, beef.

Waiting outside the downtown ring of taco artists is The Wild Goose Casino.

On Thursdays the Wild Goose Casino serves tacos from 5 pm to 10 pm. The Wild Goose Casino has a separate bar and dining area apart from the gambling area creating a balance between eat and play.


– Tacos are $1.50 a piece.

– Two different meat options chicken or beef.

– Tacos and gambling in one place.

– Serves tacos an hour later than other Ellensburg participants.


– The Wild Goose Casino can get pretty busy during their taco hours.

– The establishment is not centrally located making it difficult to drink and migrate to another bar.

Now, armed with the inside scoop of all things taco in Ellensburg, go out and enjoy your Tuesday (or Thursday) evenings!