Central approves two new minors

Aaron Kunkler, News Editor

Central could see a new minor emerge after the April 8 faculty senate meeting.

A contentious library media minor was approved by a vote after deliberation between representatives of  the advanced studies department and the library department.

Advanced programs felt that their already existing program already covered the same material, and that creating this minor specifically for undergraduate students in a different department would take students from their program, as well as create a redundant program.

A majority of senators disagreed with this position and approved the resolution, with some dissent from other senators.

Another minor in supply chain management was also approved, allowing students from outside the college of business to obtain a supply chain management minor.

State renovation funding likely

President Gaudino was also in attendance, and gave a brief synopsis on the state of the current higher education budget resolutions in Olympia. As it stands, the house’s resolution wants to freeze tuition and the senate wants to lower tuition at public higher education universities by 20 percent.

According to Gaudino, all drafts of the current operating budget resolutions are ‘a mess.’ This is money allocated to universities to cover their costs of operation.

However, Gaudino said that development programs are being funded much more adequately. Central is on a six-year construction cycle.

This means that ideally, every six years, a new building will be constructed and finished on-campus.

This year, the Samuelson building has between $52 to $58 million allocated for it in every budget draft in Olympia.

The renovated building is projected to house computer science, information technology and administrative management as well as the math department.

The newly renovated Samuelson building is projected to be up and running in two and a half years.

Bouillon Hall should also be receiving funding in this year’s budget.