Welcome Center Temporarily Moves to Munsen Hall

Martha Cardenas, Staff Reporter

Munson Hall Year Around Lodging






The Welcome Center that was once located on University Way and Pearl Street has temporarily relocated to Munson Hall on University and Walnut Street.

The lot, which Central was leasing, was not the right fit for the Center.

“We have better visibility, closer to campus, better parking, coordination with welcome services for summer camps and conferences, no lease/utility expenses [at Munson],” said Linda Schactler, chief of staff and executive director of public affairs.

Shactler also said that many improvements will be made: a red awning will be added and shrubs will be removed to improve visibility.

“The Munson Hall location will be temporary, we are granted a funding source to renovate “Old Heat,” the old steam plant to the west of Munson,” Schactler said. “We won’t know that till May or June, and then the renovation would take another 18 months or so.”

The center will continue to provide information and parking services to guests and Central students.

“We’re looking for an official welcome center, that can be our new home to help serve the need of students and visitors,” said Andres Moreno, assistant director of admissions.

There is no news on what is going to be done with the old lot at the moment.