Electronic textbooks fail to sell well at Central


Kyle Fenton, Staff Reporter

Electronic textbooks are yet to be a big hit for Central’s Wildcat Shop for students purchasing them compared to regular textbooks.

Any given quarter, the Wildcat Shop offers anywhere from 1,100 to 1,200 different textbooks to meet the demand of students campus-wide. Up to 500 e-textbooks are offered at the Wildcat Shop each quarter.

Lewis N. Clark, textbook supervisor at the Wildcat Shop, said students seem to prefer to buy regular textbooks.

“Students by and large are not buying E-books, it’s a very small percentage, we are still tracking,” Clark said.

Clark did say that there could be a small advantage to having an e-textbook, depending on which factors you were considering.

“There might be a small price advantage, E-books are a little less expensive,” Clark said.

The downside to e-textbooks is that all e-textboooks are subsription based, and you aren’t allowed to access them after the allotted time. You have to account for the fact that there is no resale value.

“They only last 180 days,” Clark said.

Rolf Williams, Owner of Jerrol’s Bookstore, said that he hasn’t seen a big market for electronic textbooks at Central.

From a digital standpoint, Williams said he is seeing more of the pass code to the website being sold to students, but not the e-textbooks.

“That has become much more prevalent,” but as far as right now on this campus [e-textbooks] just aren’t being used,” Williams said.

Jerrol’s does’t have any e-textbooks for sale.