Update from the Faculty Senate

Aaron Kunkler, Staff Reporter

The monthly faculty senate meeting today saw the passage of a two motions, and an in-depth explanation of the inner workings of Responsibility Centered Management (RCM).

George Clark, vice president for business and finance, presented a breakdown of how money is allocated under RCM, as well as fielded questions relating to how it works.

Currently, three of the four colleges are turning a profit, with the college of business being the only one to generate a deficit. However, they have taken steps to reduce the initial $2 million annual deficit to around $762 thousand.

Additionally, two motions were passed. One concerning the approval of a specialization of family studies child life, the other concerning changes in course numbering for general education credits. One amendment was made to allow a change in an art course designation.

The Student Government is looking into ways to boost student scholarship usage. This may entail a student scholarship workshop night in the next few weeks.

Wade Davis, a renowned anthropologist who focuses on indigenous societies and their usage of psychoactive plants gave a presentation Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the music building. There will be a panel about his work today in the SURC at noon.

The faculty was informed that the state legislature is looking at a potential switch from our current academic calendar, to a four quarter system. This would allow college to offer and conduct more classes year-round.

Also this week, Stacey Robertson assumed the role of dean of the arts and humanities college.