Record low gas prices arrive in Ellensburg; vary from $1.67-1.83 per gallon


Chace Davy, News Editor

For the first time since March of 2009, the price of gasoline is under $2 per gallon.

Just last March, the price per gallon was almost $4, according to Texaco manager Bill Thulean.

The significant drop in prices has allowed students and employees to travel more.

“It’s always wonderful to have low gas prices,” said senior music and psychology major Leah Espinoza.

According to CNN,  the national average is $2.06 per gallon. This time last year, it was $3.31.

The same survey stated that Washington’s average price per gallon is $2.25.

Gas prices have dropped so much that it now costs Joanna Hunt, who works at the Central bookstore, under $30 to fill her tank up all the way.

Before the price drop, Hunt said that she wouldn’t fill her tank completely.

“I would put $15 or $20 in and hope that it lasted me through the week,” Hunt said.

Now that prices are so low, Hunt can travel to the west side more often for work or to see family.

Hunt drives  a Chevy Aveo, which gets up to 35 miles per gallon.

“Thankfully, Ellensburg is not congested, so it’s easy to get around,” Hunt said.

Thulean said, over the past couple of months the prices have been droppping around seven to 11 cents per week.

“The owner called, and told me to to lower the price four cents,” Thulean said. “Before I left the counter, he called me again and said ‘lower it another seven cents.’”

That 11 cent drop in prices in one day was the largest drop in a single day that Thulean had seen.

Espinoza thinks that people are not taking into account the environmental impact of driving constantly.

“It’s a temporary fix to an ongoing problem,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza said that our children, and their children, will still be affected by the oil crisis.

The prices “are just going to go up again,” Espinoza said.

According to, the highest price per gallon, nationwide is in Kauai County, HI, at $3.68 per gallon. The lowest price was found in Kootenai County, ID, at $1.62 per gallon.

Thulean said prices were on the rise again, and had to raise prices at Texaco up to $1.91 on Tuesday.