Library updates research database, increases variety of search results for students

Bradley Smith, Staff Reporter


As of January 2015, the Brooks Library has updated its search database. According to the Central website, the new OneSearch database will allow students to get a wider variety of results from their academic searches.
Central has now become part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, which includes 37 different school libraries throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. With the switch completed, students now have access to more than 25 million academic sources.
The previous search database was only used by Central, which limited students’ search options.
“It is different from the traditional catalog, because now your search is more of an ‘academic Google search,’” said Ping Fu, head of Library Technology Services.
According to Fu, OneSearch is a web-based cloud environment. This removes the necessity for a physical server with regular updates.
“Students will now be able to get more results from their searches,” Fu said. “The old system only offered physical items. OneSearch now has physical, electronic and digital items for students to choose from.”
OneSearch is also easier and faster for students to access.
“There is now only one single sign-on whereas with the old system the student had to have a separate username and password that they had to remember,” Fu said.
Other schools are beginning to make the switch as well.
“The update to OneSearch was definitely necessary.” Fu said. “OneSearch is now becoming a global trend that libraries are now switching to.”