University of Alabama professor speaks on religion and science

R. Troy Peterson, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 29, Dr. Phil Bishop of the University of Alabama gave a talk entitled “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Evidence of God in Human Physiology.” The event, originally scheduled to last an hour, went from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Bishop lectured to a group of 26 student and non-student listeners.

The talk took place in a miniature lecture hall in Purser and was initiated by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). It was light-hearted even though it touched on a complicated and controversial issues. Before the lecture began, Bishop went around and introduced himself to the attendees and joked about sports.

Bishop has lectured in countries such as Afghanistan, Mongolia, Jordan and South Africa and was formally invited to give talks by two Central professors. Bishop, who attended the Naval Academy, said he has been a devout Christian since 1957.

“Two of my former students actually are on the faculty here, and they gave me the official invitation,” Bishop said. He added that he was originally invited to give formal talks on physiology as well as suspension trauma.

Bishop said during a post-lecture fireside chat that while he has issues with evolution, his issues are scientific and not faith based. His lecture did not address evolution at all.

Kristin Travis, an exercise science major senior, said that she enjoyed Bishop’s talk.

“I think it’s an awesome presentation,” Travis said. “I think he has a lot of good points that I had never thought about before. And he’s really interesting. It just gives your mind a new perspective.”