No late night bus

Cooper Wortley, Staff Reporter

A few years ago, Central ran a late night transit bus downtown to pick students up from the bars. This was done to discourage drunk driving, as well as to protect homeowners from any destructive people walking through the residential streets late at night.

Ellensburg residents have been asking to bring back the program due to the increase in vandalism and noise complaints.

“I just wanna be able to sleep again,” an anonymous homeowner and Central alumni who has had first hand experience with intoxicated students said. “I loved the drunk bus, it gave me a safe way to get home, and got kids off the street.”

The disruptions have gotten to the point where some community members feel they must put out cameras to protect their property and families.

“This is a big problem that needs to be addressed,” the anonymous homeowner said.

So far it hasn’t been. After talking with Campus Police about bringing back the “drunk bus,” the anonymous person was told that it was too much of a liability to the school and would not be brought back to Central.

Executive Vice President of Student Government Nick Shuey said that he had no comment on the situation.

“A bus would be so helpful and would save many kids from DUIs or worse,” said junior Caity Day.

Without the bus, intoxicated students are left with only two safe choices: take a cab, or walk. Many students choose the latter , which can lead to noise complaints and vandalism.

Without the drunk bus, students trying to get home from the bars will need to find a safe alternative way of getting home, such as having a designated driver or taxi pick them up.

The anonymous homeowner urges students to remember that “a little courtesy goes a long way.”