Conventional Greek life missing at CWU

Rashay Reading, Staff Reporter


Some might be wondering why Central doesn’t have a Greek Life system. There are a few main reasons, and it’s not to be different.

Richard DeShields, associate dean of Student Living, said he is a fan of greek life at universities because of the good values it can teach and the sense of community and volunteerism it can instill.

GREEK LIFE - The Bassetties create a close-knit atmosphere similar to a greek system.
Riley Elliott
GREEK LIFE – The Bassetties create a close-knit atmosphere similar to a greek system.

He also believes that there would be a great number of students that would want to be part of this greek life and would thrive in the system.

According to DeShields, Central does not have a Fraternity and Sorority system because of financial reasons.

“Because of financial implications and the way the state has decreased funding, I believe the university doesn’t have enough resources to support a Greek system,” DeShields said. “So would I be a proponent of greek life at this moment? Probably not.”

DeShields said the school takes pride in not having a greek system.

“I think there’s a population that does [want greek life], and in 2011 we did a survey of our faculty and staff, and more faculty than not indicated that they did not think that it was best for the university to have greek life,” DeShields said. “Though there were some that indicated it would be good.”

DeShields said some students who discussed this previously thought greek life would be a good recruiting tool for the school. Some said it could be a detractor, possibly taking focus away from the academics. Another worry was the possibility of students being stereotyped based on their participation in greek life.

The school did not have the financial resources at that time to start a Greek System nor does it now.

Officially, Central has never had a greek system before.

The lack of a greek system may be disappointing to those who are hoping it would come to Central.

“There were what were called ‘house systems’ so there were organizations, and groups that were considered local chapters,” DeShields said.

Krissy White, a freshman majoring in retail management, gave her opinion on whether Frats and Sororities are worth having on campus.

“It’s a good way to get involved with things, but they’re known for parties, so I would never get involved in one,” White said. “I know a lot of people would get involved if we had one, but it doesn’t hurt if we don’t.”