Letter to the Editor

I don’t know who made the decision to spend thousands of dollars on the two enormous TV’s in the music building, but it seems like a pretty poor one to me, especially considering how slowly all of the computers in the library are running. It seems to me that the priority should be spending money on updated the technology that will be useful to students rather than on extravagant gadgets that appear to have little practical application. They’ve been installed in the choir room and the jazz room in the music building, places where such technology does not seem very useful. Perhaps having the capability to play videos of musical performances to jazz and choral ensembles could be useful, but there are more cost-effective ways to this, such as Canvas, or even the Facebook groups that many of the ensembles already have.

It is very frustrating to spend more time waiting on slow computers than on actually getting work done on the library computers. They frequently stop responding, and they even when they are responding, they go incredibly slowly. It takes 5-10 minutes simply to sign in. Public computers in the school library are great resources, but at the current time, they are almost more trouble than they are worth.

-Kelsey Gertje