Q&A with Yosef Gamble

Colt Sweetland, News Editor

Yosef Gamble, senior computer science major, was elected as the president of the Associated Students of Central Washington University Student Government. Besides computer science, Gamble said he is interested in international politics and anything with a trade policy.

Yosef Gamble, current student government president
Colt Sweetland
Yosef Gamble, current student government president

Q: What are your main responsibilities as president of Student Government?

A: My main responsibility is to make sure that student government has a goal for the year.


Q: What do you plan, in particular, for students?

A: One thing I plan for the year is more communication with students. The first part of that was actually being visible, being out there, and that started with the discover orientation starting in June; as well as participating in as many events as possible.


Q: What are some of the current projects that you are working on?

A: Our current project is working on our social media presence. We have already started working on making sure that we came into the year with an established name and how we want to present ourselves.

Q: What was the primary reason for the name change from Board of Directors to Student Government?

A: Board of Directors did not reflect well with students; they did not know exactly what it meant.


Q: What do you primarily wish to accomplish during your time as president?

A: During my time here, I want to start a plan for getting Central to move away from the traditional computer lab model… I want to see Central go into a direction where students who have a laptop or tablet have the ability to access all of their services on campus, whether that is through printing or accessing their files.


Q: Why is it important for students to stay involved with student government, or stay engaged in general at Central?

A: The more likely they are involved, the more likely they are to be successful as students, as well as be successful in the job market. What you do in university that makes you stand out will separate you from the rest. If you have the people skills, and team building experience, that will reflect well on your resume.


Q: Any final thoughts?

A: We have been working on a class ring for the school year. We just created a survey and got about 800 students to take it for further thoughts on the design of the ring. We had our last committee meeting on the design phase on October 2… The plan is to release the final design and have it ready by homecoming.