Newly-built apartments now leasing on 5th and Water Street

Chace Davy, Assistant News Editor

Over the summer, a brand new apartment complex opened up on 5th and Water Street, called Patricia Place.

The complex houses 38 one-bedroom apartments and a single two-bedroom apartment. Having mostly one-bedroom apartments was, according to owner Tyler Glahn, inspired as a way for residents to escape from living with roommates.

Newly built Patricia Place sits downtown
Newly built Patricia Place sits downtown

“You guys don’t like to have roommates,” Glahn said. “I think there is a ton of 3-bedrooms around, and it just leaves an odd man out. There’s that roommate that isn’t socializing.”

If Glahn had his way, there wouldn’t be any two-bedroom apartments. However, due to an architectural hiccup, there was extra space left over on the first floor, so an extra bedroom was added to one of the apartments.

Glahn also believes that having solely one-bedroom apartments will make people stay in his complex for longer periods of time, which would create a more community-based environment, which is what Glahn is aiming for when he conceived the idea for Patricia Place.

The apartments are equipped with everything that can be found in a normal house.

Patricia Place is named after Glahn’s late grandmother. Glahn is planning on mounting a plaque dedicated to Patricia on a wall in the lobby.

“She was a salt-of-the-earth type of person, you don’t find that a lot anymore, and I wanted to dedicate the building to her because she taught me a lot over the years.” Glahn said.