By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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Sound Bite Issue 7


This Week in Music 

Welcome to this week’s issue of Sound Bite! This week Donald Glover dropped his latest album under his persona Childish Gambino. The album, titled “Atavista,” is a finished version of his 2020 release “3.15.20” which features artists ranging from 21 Savage to Ariana Grande.

The album definitely tends to lean toward a more R&B-influenced funk work than anything else, with a few songs such as “Final Church” and “Little Foot Big Foot” serving as major standouts. The six-plus minute track titled “Psilocybae” is definitely the most hip-hop inspired, but even then it leans back into the funk origins of the previous work.

The album rollout was a unique one, with Glover using his site/station “Gilga Radio” as the main source for teasers and updates. The latest episode featured a music video as well as a variety of satirical AI advertisements from the likes of Donald Trump and DJ Akademiks. Recently he also announced the tour dates for his latest tour, “The New World Tour,” and he also announced that his next album is dropping sometime this coming summer season.

In other music news, Eurovision seems to be making headlines this week for a variety of reasons. Many people protested the venue due to its inclusion of Israeli artists amidst the country’s ongoing war. While controversial, nothing really impacted Eurovision as the competition and fans were still adamantly watching this year’s song contest.

Rapper and singer Nemo took home the official win in this year’s song contest for their home country Switzerland. The win is already being paraded by fans as this marks a major win for the LGBTQ+ community in terms of music and its boundaries.


Snack Size Samples

Isaac Dobmeier


I have more songs than usual on repeat this week, sometimes it gets hard to choose!

“Video Games 2” – Snow Strippers, PurpleSparklyBentley

This track is sorta a remix of that Lana Del Rey song but with a muddy house beat and vocals that get you more turnt than soothed. That last verse is heavenly too. 

“Mortified” – Tek Lintowe, jackzebra 

Tek Lintowe might just be my top Shed Theory member right now. Something about his lethargic delivery really scratches an itch and sounds awesome on this new single. 

“Clean Heart” – Sade

My favorite Sade song comes back into the rotation when the sun starts setting late. 

“RED CROSS” – Bladee

Hard af. Shoutout to some of the bars on this too. “Our reality is blueberry flavored,” “Hoodie on, I’m a civilian, Oakleys on like a Brazilian,” and “Crocodile Dundee, alligator skin all over me,” are too fun not to mention. 

“Dirty Plug” – Ricky Chix, Laker, woody

Summer means plugg music! And the woody feature… Bro…

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