By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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Editorial Staff’s Spring Playlist



  1. ‘The Other Side of Paradise’ – Glass Animals:  This song feels like it makes my bones vibrate, not in the way that it has a ton of bass or something, but that the emotion in the vocals and instrumentals radiates through me.
  2. ‘Vienna’ – Billy Joel: My whole life I’ve always felt like I had to be the best, do the most, and get everything done as soon as I could or else it wasn’t good enough. Between that and your typical freshman homesickness, this song made me bawl like an actual baby for like the entire fall quarter.


  1. ‘Bodys’- Car Seat Headrest: A testament to young love and its inevitable end, “Bodys” is a poppy emo classic to dance to. Will Toledo, Car Seat Headrest’s founding member, reveres living in the moment and loving another while there’s the chance to do so. To its initial release in 2011, many youngsters may have jabbered a “YOLO” while listening in. After all, “don’t you realize our bodies could fall apart at any second?”
  2. ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ – Nina Simone: In her electrifying rendition of this jazz standard written for the 1930 musical “Whoopee!,” Simone’s soulful, elegant voice captivates the listener into a dizzying state of awe. As a classically trained pianist, Simone can command an audience with a mere stroke of a key. Perfect for the budding romance of Spring, “My Baby Just Cares For Me” evokes images of the beginning of true love, whether that be dancing in the kitchen with a mop, or picking a budding flower in the hopes of confirming connection.


  1. ‘Saturn’ – SZA:

This song is so full of life. It’s reflective, but looking forward. To me, it feels like coming out of Winter and feeling the sun on your face. Acknowledging how hard the past was, leaping into spring with hopefulness and wisdom. Plus have you heard SZAs voice?? Magic!! Love her so much. 

  1. ‘Jort Storm’ – Slimecicle:

Jort season is upon us. Watch out. “Jort Storm” is coming in. You have to listen to this song to be fully prepared. Whether you love jorts, hate jorts, you have to listen to this song. Besides, you need to be prepared for the inevitable. It’s coming. 

Isaac H

  1. ‘so american’ – Olivia Rodrigo

Recently released on Rodrigo’s new deluxe version of her album GUTS, “so american” has driving with the windows down on a hot day all over it. The drums are kinetic and propulsive, and the chorus gets stuck in your head fast and takes its sweet time getting out. Also, maybe Olivia’s most danceable song. Just the definition of a bop. 

  1. ‘Strange Currencies’ – R.E.M. 

I don’t think that R.E.M. knew that they were writing the situationship anthem of our time back in 1994, but 30 years later “Strange Currencies” still perfectly bottles the feeling of being enamored by someone who you don’t fully understand, but are desperate to please and willing to make a fool of yourself for. Plus, one of the great guitar riffs. This opinion also might be informed by the song’s excellent use in season two of  ‘The Bear’.


  1. ‘The Nights’ – Avicii: Summer is all about making memories and living life. This song is all about making sure you are having fun and living it up!
  2. ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’ – Taylor Swift: When I’m feeling big emotions, I love going for a drive and blasting music that makes me feel even bigger emotions. For me, “Now That We Don’t Talk” is all about feeling that my time is for me and I can spend it however I want no matter the cost.

Isaac D

  1. ‘Anthems’ – Snow Strippers: Shining synths and echoing vocals make this cover of Broken Social Scenes’ indie classic “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” my perfectly edgy early spring jam. “Anthems” is wildly danceable, wildly fun and wildly essential for the sunny shenanigans I’ve been getting into as the weather gets just a little warmer. The original version’s more forlorn sound and lyrics are given new life by Snow Strippers, who turn the ballad into two minutes of emotionally charged and surprisingly affirming electro-pop bliss. I just know I’ll be doing a lot of sleeping on the floor and dreaming about you this spring!
  2. ‘Mean Girls’ – Bladee: Bladee and longtime producer Whitearmor cultivate a dreamy atmosphere on this track, bolstered by the bubbliest production that may ever exist. Bladee sings with sincerity and euphoria about his time in “the back of the club with the mean girls” and “the bad girls,” who tell the Swede they can “make his dreams come true.” I’m looking to enjoy life hard this spring, and “Mean Girls” tells me to without any worry. Also, the album cover is simply gorgeous and just perfectly encapsulates my spring fever.


  1. ‘Bloom’ – The Paper Kites: This song radiates the emotions that you feel in the presence of the one you love. It expresses the want, the need and the overwhelming urge to be close to your loved ones. I feel warmth from this song; warmth in the lyrics and warmth in my memories. This song captures the feeling of raw and unequivocal love that I have for my partner. 
  2. ‘Acolyte’ – Slaughter Beach, Dog: My brain has had this song on repeat for weeks. Leading up to the return of the sunshine, this song has yet to get old. The lyrics depict a love story, one that blurs the lines between metaphorical reality and fiction. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this song, my car will continue to be filled with the joyfulness of the beat and sweet sentiment of the lyrics.


  1. ‘I Wish you Roses’ – Kali Uchis: This song evokes a sense of bittersweet nostalgia for me. With notes of both romanticism and melancholy, Uchis highlights the beauty of being able to release people from your life with love. In my spring playlist, it serves as my reminder to not only cherish the memories I’m making, but also to allow myself to fully embrace new beginnings.
  2. ‘Notice Me’ – SZA: SZA is known for the immersive listening experiences that come with her songs and this one is no exception. The velvety vocals paired with the vulnerability she displays makes this a perfect soundtrack during the season of introspection. 
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