By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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Do you know the answer? Trivia on-campus

Everyone has something they love and know a lot about. Getting to see if they know more than their peers for clout and a fun prize is what CWU students and others can now do on a weekly basis. 

Madalyn Hagan, a sophomore, said “I like the social atmosphere and to test myself. [To] see what I really know.”

In Brooks Library, the Learning Commons is hosting a trivia night on Wednesdays this quarter at 5pm. Thus far, topics for trivia have included Barbie, mythology, Dance Moms. Disney, and Adventure Time. 

Emily LaPlante, a graduate peer mentor at the Learning Commons, was the lead for prep for Adventure Time trivia. 

It’s my comfort show that I watch all the time, so it’s really fun to share that with everyone and bond over it with people who come to trivia,” she said. 

The process of the trivia happening has been in the works since fall quarter. The team of peer mentors all work to make sure that each week will be fun and well done for everyone to enjoy. They dedicate hours to do deep dives into resources to prepare for the hour long trivia events each week. 

“When I was working on the Adventure Time trivia, I spent hours scouring the internet for the best artwork to use for each section of questions,” LaPlante said. “We want our trivia to be fun, but we want to have done enough research that we know our answers are right.”

As for the trivia nights for the rest of the quarter, the remaining topics are Grey’s Anatomy on Feb 7, Taylor Swift on Feb 14, r&b music on Feb 28 and sitcoms on March 6.   

Each week there are prizes for winners that are often themed to the trivia focus. Simply for attending, you can get a raffle ticket for a grand prize that will be drawn at the end of the quarter. The more you attend and when you win, you get more tickets for the grand prize. There is even another way to earn raffle tickets. 

“If you’re extra motivated by the mystery grand prize, make an appointment with a peer mentor for up to three extra raffle entries,” LaPante said. 

With over half of the trivia events for the quarter done, the future of trivia is still up in the air. The return of trivia spring quarter is not yet known. LaPlante said that “feedback from students could definitely help sway us one way or another.”

The Learning Commons are not just open for trivia. The peer mentors offer a variety of resources to students to help with general college skills. LaPlante also encouraged all students to visit the Learning Commons. 

“If you want us to hold more events like this in the future we need students to utilize our services,” she said. “Our website has tons of information – like how to make an appointment with us. If you have questions or want to chat about things you’d like to see the peer mentors do next, feel free to email our supervisor Madison at [email protected].”


Trivia Theme Nights courtesy of The Learning Commons


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